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Workspace Support Utilities Improving Work Quality

Workspace Support Utilities Improving Work Quality

Workspace support utilities are indispensable tools for office workers to serve their work. These utilities not only help you get the job done but also help increase productivity and work efficiency.

What are workspace support utilities?

What are workspace support utilities?

Workspace support utilities are tools to serve and support work for office workers more conveniently, quickly, and efficiently. Office workers always have to spend most of their time in the office. Therefore, office utilities are always a top concern.

Workspace support utilities are not only to ensure and support work but also contribute to improving labor productivity. Many businesses are also equipped with many office facilities to serve the needs of entertainment and rest to help employees have the best work motivation.

Common workspace support utilities

The system of workspace support utilities includes many tools, here are some commonly used utilities:

Discussion tool, document sharing

Discussion and document sharing tools are essential utilities for employees at the enterprise. Thanks to these tools, employees will join a common channel to form a unified information flow.

At the common exchange channel system, employees can discuss, exchange information about work, and attach and share documents. This is an extremely important tool for employees to communicate and exchange to perform work.

This tool is especially useful for cases where it is not possible to exchange work directly or where businesses have many branches that need to work together.

Voting tools, polls

Voting tools, polls

For work or decisions requiring a vote or poll by staff, voting utilities are an essential tool. Typically, some internal activities need to collect opinions, businesses need to agree to use a tool to get information from employees. Some commonly used tools to create voting templates such as Skype, Zalo, or forms on Google Drive. However, the creators of these forms need to know how to do it and understand the mechanics to gather opinions quickly and accurately.

Notes widget

Work-related notes and reminders are essential to list to-dos and avoid missing or forgetting deadlines. Some manual note-taking tools that are often favored by office workers are notepads, notebooks, markers, note clocks, etc.

In addition, because they often work with computers, many employees also use note-taking tools on computers to conveniently track their work: Take notes in word, excel, or directly on the Desktop screen,… However, if with a large amount of work, these methods of notes and reminders do not bring high efficiency to work.

You can know more about office politics here: 7 Habits to Help “Survive” With Office Politics

Utility to set up a personal work schedule, work schedule

Planning to do work is considered a “framework” to help perform work effectively. Some workspace support utilities that businesses often use to schedule work and work schedules are Google Calendar.

This application helps you to organize your work, and manage your appointment quickly. This utility is especially effective for departments that often work in groups. The advantage of this method is that it can be used on many devices such as computers or smartphones at no cost.

Which office utility software fully integrates workspace support utilities to maximize work efficiency?

Which office utility software fully integrates workspace support utilities to maximize work efficiency?

Although the above workspace support utilities have advantages and good support for work, not every department or individual has time to set up these utilities fully. On the other hand, some utilities require learning new information to apply.

Understanding this problem and providing a tool to integrate workspace support utilities, Thai Son Technology Development Company provides CloudOffice e-office solution. CloudOffice electronic office software helps businesses comprehensively manage documents and provides many workspace support utilities such as discussions, voting, polls, individual and unit work schedules, … to Comprehensive support for business work.

The above are common workspace support utilities in businesses. These tools will effectively support employees to perform their work efficiently and increase labor productivity. If businesses need a solution that integrates workspace support utilities, they can refer to ThaisonSoft’s CloudOffice electronic office software.

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