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7 Habits to Help “Survive” With Office Politics

7 Habits to Help “Survive” With Office Politics

How do overcome and live “peacefully” when conflicts and office politics occur in the workspace? Do not worry. With 7 tips in the article, you will easily master the situation.

Remember that you have a choice in office politics

Remember that you have a choice in office politics

The most common response to an event is confrontation or avoidance. It was the survival instinct of humans when hunter-gatherers were in prehistoric times. If you view the office as a place to behave instinctively, not only will you not win, you will have a hard time achieving your goals; If you turn a blind eye, they’ll think you’re easy to lure. Neither of these ways is beneficial to your career progression.

To win, you must skillfully respond to each situation. Remember, no matter how bad the situation is, you always have a choice in how you react. How will you choose? Read next!

Know what you want in the workspace

It’s easy for contradictions to draw you into a one-sided view and focus only on the immediate differences. There is a high probability that you will attract objections just by looking at the difference in people’s thinking.

One way to cool down without making yourself seem pushy is to stay focused on the goal of the job. See what’s best for the job, and discuss the pros and cons of each option. Everyone wants the job to be successful, otherwise, no one will win. It would be much easier if each person took a step and shared a “small pie” when choosing the best option. In this way, you will learn how to create the image of an employee trying to do a good job. Your boss will judge you as a mature person and trust you with more important tasks.

Focus on your influence to avoid office politics in the workspace

Focus on your influence to avoid office politics in the workspace

At the company, some things are difficult for us to control such as company policies, requests from customers, or orders of the boss. Anger and complaining are normal reactions to things we have no control over. But think, do instant emotions solve the problem? In most cases, the answer is no.

Instead of getting frustrated, focus on what’s in your power to affect the situation – aka your influence. This is an effective technique for overcoming mood swings and building the image of an employee who handles the job well during difficult times. You may not be able to change or determine the outcome, but you did your best; Your boss will also see you as someone who is always understanding and optimistic.

Don’t take sides

Sometimes you have to stand between two opposing forces to protect their interests. You cannot get them to agree on a joint decision for the project. None of them want to take responsibility when something goes wrong, because they worry about the possibility of being played behind their back.

In that case, focus on your work goals, and don’t take sides, even though you may prefer one. Please invite all parties to join the discussion. By being in the middle, you’ll keep everyone focused on solving problems, achieving common goals, and building trust with both parties.

You can find more about office politics here: Office Politics Signs at Workspace

Don’t get angry easily in office politics

Don't get angry easily in office politics

There are times when you are angry with your co-workers and want to teach them a lesson. But don’t do that. People tend to remember times when they were humiliated and hurt. Even if you win the argument and feel gloating right away, you’ll pay a heavy price later when you need their help. If you sow the wind, you will reap the storm.

Another reason for you to control your anger is for the future of your career. Companies often consult with many people before promoting an employee. Even if you are a good employee, your boss will still have to struggle if some other bosses or colleagues think it is difficult to work with you. You don’t want your boss to get into an awkward situation when promoting you, right?

Find a way to understand the problem, before asking for sympathy

The reason people feel unfair is that they feel misunderstood. We instinctively prefer others to understand us rather than trying to understand them first. Senior leaders have learned to balance this issue. Understanding is a skill to reduce “enemies”. When the other person sees that you understand them, they will be less resistant and gradually open to understanding you. From there, there will be an opportunity for open discussion to find a reasonable solution for both sides. If you don’t trust each other and doubt yourself too much, it will be difficult to have a common answer.

Thinking in a win-win direction when working in the workspace

Learn to think “how can we both win in this situation”, you will understand what the other person thinks and needs; Next, think about what you want. Try to find a solution that is mutually acceptable and beneficial. This will ensure that everyone agrees with the general plan and does not just say it.

Humans don’t want to lose. You can follow the win-lose strategy once or twice, but you’ll quickly realize you’re alone in the workplace. Thinking for both sides is a strategy that ensures long-term ally and effectiveness.

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