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Grade B office space definition

What is grade B office space?

Grade B office space (Or class B office space) is the preferred choice of many businesses because it meets the needs of equipment, facilities, service quality, and has a reasonable price.

Rents are relatively more affordable than Grade A buildings. Grade B office office for rent may not have a large construction scale but are still located in recognizable locations, ensuring traffic and connection for office tenants.

grade B office space definition
grade B office space definition

Criteria for selecting Class B office building

When selecting a Class B office building, several key criteria come into play. Location remains critical, as accessibility and proximity to transportation and business centers are vital. While Class B buildings may not have the same modern architecture as Class A, they should still offer well-maintained and functional spaces.

Criteria for selecting Class B office building
Criteria for selecting Class B office building

Adequate parking and security measures are important. Affordable rental rates are a primary consideration, making Class B offices an economical choice. Overall, the balance between affordability and essential features like location, maintenance, and functionality defines the selection criteria for Class B office spaces, catering to budget-conscious businesses seeking practicality.

Average budget

The average budget for Grade B office space varies based on location, size, and specific market conditions. In Ho Chi Minh City, for example, annual rents can range from $20 to $40 per square foot, with smaller offices costing between $5,000 to $20,000 per year, depending on individual requirements and local factors.

At least 3 years rental period

Grade B office spaces often require a minimum rental period of at least 3 years. However, in some cases, landlords may offer more flexibility with leases as short as 2 years, depending on the market and individual property policies.

Company size and space usage

Grade B office spaces can accommodate a variety of company sizes, from startups and small businesses to mid-sized enterprises. These spaces offer flexibility in space usage, including open-plan layouts for collaborative teams, private offices, and meeting areas. They cater to a diverse range of business needs and can adapt to different usage requirements.

Good location

Grade B office spaces are often found in convenient locations within business districts, offering accessibility to transportation hubs and essential services.

While they may not be as centrally situated as Grade A spaces, their locations still provide businesses with a functional and cost-effective environment to meet their operational needs.

Grade b office building in Ho chi minh city

Grade B office buildings in Ho Chi Minh City offer practical yet functional workspaces. Situated in various districts like District 5 or District 10, they provide cost-effective alternatives for businesses. These buildings feature well-maintained facilities, essential security measures, and competitive rental rates.

grade b office building in Ho chi minh city
grade b office building in Ho chi minh city

While they may lack the upscale amenities of Grade A offices, they cater to companies looking for budget-friendly options without compromising on location or accessibility. With lease terms typically starting at one year, Grade B office spaces in Ho Chi Minh City serve as pragmatic choices for businesses seeking practical and cost-effective solutions in a bustling urban setting.

Proportion of Class b office space

The proportion of Class B office space in a city or market varies but typically represents a significant portion of available office inventory. In many areas, it may account for 30% to 60% of the total office space, offering practical and cost-effective solutions to businesses with budget-conscious workspace needs.

Concentrated areas of Grade b office buildings

Grade B office buildings can be located in many districts, not just in the city center. HCM. However, according to statistics on the rental real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City 2021, more than 70% of Grade B buildings are located in District 1 and District 3.

Grade B office rental prices in District 1 and District 3 are also often higher than other areas:

  • Firstly, District 1: $25 – $45/m2
  • Secondly, District 2: $20 – $30/m2
  • Thirdly, District 3: $22 – $35/m2
  • Also, District 7: $15 – $25/m2
  • Lastly, Tan Binh District: $15 – $25/m2

Class B Office Building Costs In Ho Chi Minh City

Class B Office Building Costs In Ho Chi Minh City
Class B Office Building Costs In Ho Chi Minh City

Grade B Office Space Rental Costs In Ho Chi Minh: $20 – $35

Class B Office Building Management Fee In Ho Chi Minh: $2 – $3

Top 3 Grade B Office Space Building In Ho Chi Minh City

Following are top 3 Grade B Office Space Building In Ho Chi Minh City:


Firstly, WORC@Q2 Thao Dien Building is a modern office building for rent with a design that takes advantage of modern office equipment that meets the required standards of a standard working space.

In Front of WorcQ2 Building
In Front of WorcQ2 Building

Park IX Office Building

Secondly, Park IX Office Building is located on Phan Dinh Giot street, Tan Binh district, near Tan Son Nhat airport, making travel quick and time-saving for businesses.

In Front of Park IX Office Building
In Front of Park IX Office Building

Nexx building

Thirdly, The Nexx building is likened to a green pearl because of its outstanding three-sided glass design on Pham Ngoc Thach street shaded by ancient trees. Not only does it help customers quickly identify where the business is located, the building also opens up a comfortable and airy working space to improve work efficiency.

In Front of Nexx Building
In Front of Nexx Building

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In conclusion, grade B office space in Ho Chi Minh City provide cost-effective yet functional work environments.

Their strategic locations, competitive rental rates, and essential amenities make them suitable for businesses seeking practicality and value. These spaces offer an economical solution for companies in this dynamic urban hub.

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