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About Us



An information Provider

Help clients find the suitable office.

A Consultant

Help clients make the best choice.

A Supporter

Help clients get the best deal.

Our Business Philosophy

Our success is our customers’ satisfaction.

About us – LOOKOFFICE’s 4 Core Values:

  • Professional: Save time, focus on requirements.
  • Clear: All information will be clear.
  • Valuable: Negotiate the best terms and the best prices.
  • Minimize risks: Minimize unreasonable and detrimental issues in rental agreements.

Why You Must Choose LOOKOFFICE?

Everything will be free. Customer will not pay money

Our Leasing Process


Receive All Requirements

We’ll contact to customer in 24 hours and get all requirements

Ensure getting all requirements


Giving Product Listings

Offer the product listings meeting requirements with detail information

Giving fact information for all buildings


Schedule Direct Survey

Go directly and get all information from the building

Help saving time and resources


Giving Best Consultation

Give the compare file between all options include pros and cons

Find suitable office for lease


Represent To Negotiation

Represent customer to negotiate with the building to get best deal

Represent to get the best leasing deal

Our Leasing Customer

LOOKOFFICE – Free Consultation For Your Company

      • +2000 newest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City updated 2023.
      • Detailed information, meet your requirement.
      • Represent to work with the building owners from A – Z.
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