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Price Range: From to

H3 Building

H3 Building - Hoang Dieu, District 4, Ho Chi Minh

Sqm from: 200

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 200

Office For Lease

VI Office Nguyen Khoai

VI Office Nguyen Khoai - Nguyen Khoai, District 4, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sqm from: 20

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 20

Office For Lease

VI Office Khanh Hoi

VI Office Khanh Hoi - Khanh Hoi, District 4, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sqm from: 50

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 50

Office For Lease

Ben Van Don Building

Ben Van Don Building - Ben Van Don, District 4, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sqm from: 150

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 150

Office For Lease

Introduction About Office For Lease District 4

Welcome to the thriving business hub of office for lease in District 4, where exceptional office spaces are available for lease. Located in a dynamic and central area, our offices offer the perfect blend of convenience and sophistication.

Introduction About Office For Lease District 4
Introduction About Office For Lease District 4

Accordingly, Whether you’re a startup looking for a cost-effective space or an established firm seeking to expand. Our diverse range of office options caters to your unique needs. From contemporary design to cutting-edge technology, we provide an environment that fosters productivity and collaboration.

Additionally, Join the growing community of businesses in District 4. And seize this opportunity to make your mark in one of the city’s most desirable locations.

Afterward, District 4 has 3 and more of street that have a lot of office rental: Doan Van Bo, Hoang Dieu, Ben Van Don,… The following is the average price of office rental by street:

  • Doan Van Bo: $18 – $35/m2
  • Even, Hoang Dieu: $10 – $20/m2
  • Further, Ben Van Don: $10 – $17/m2
  • Furthermore, Khanh Hoi: $7 – $15/m2

District 4 – The upcoming economic investment

Altogether, District 4 is emerging as a promising economic investment destination, poised for substantial growth. Its strategic location. Well-connected infrastructure, and a conducive business environment make it a hotspot for investors.

District 4 - The upcoming economic investment
District 4 – The upcoming economic investment

Although, The district offers a wide range of opportunities, from real estate development to technological innovation. With a focus on sustainability and urban development, it promises a high return on investment. As it continues to attract businesses and residents.

Basically, District 4 is on the cusp of a remarkable economic transformation. Making it an enticing prospect for investors looking to participate in the development of this vibrant and burgeoning district.

Golden location connecting to 3 central districts

Besides, District 4 with three rivers (Saigon River, Ben Nghe Canal and Kenh Te) is currently a locality attracting many economic sectors to invest domestically and internationally.

Along with the development of infrastructure and road transportation systems. Especially the construction of 7 modern bridges, District 4 has helped connect with surrounding areas. From here, the advantage of the “golden” position is gradually shown more clearly. So which district does District 4 border? Specifically:

  • Firstly, The East of District 4 borders Thu Duc City (across the Saigon River) and District 7 (across the Te Canal), two places with equally bustling economic development with the presence of the new Phu My Hung urban area. – South Saigon is full of promise in the future.
  • Secondly, The West of District 4 borders District 1 and District 5 with the boundary being Ben Nghe canal. District 1 is the busiest administrative, shopping, entertainment and recreation center in Ho Chi Minh City. District 5 is the largest commercial center of the Chinese people in Vietnam.
  • Thirdly, The south of District 4 borders District 8 with the border of Te canal, the area has also continuously innovated and developed in recent years.
  • Lastly, The North of District 4 borders District 1 and District 2 with the boundary being Ben Nghe canal. Among them, District 2 has Thu Thiem new urban area and is a future financial center.


Certainly, District 4 boasts a well-developed transportation network that makes it a highly accessible and convenient location. Situated in a key urban area, it offers multiple transportation options. The district is well-connected by road. With major highways and arterial roads providing easy access to neighboring districts and the city center.

Transportation District 4
Transportation District 4

Additionally, a network of public transportation, including buses and a growing metro system. Ensures efficient commuting for residents and businesses. This accessibility has not only improved the quality of life for the district’s inhabitants. But also made it an attractive hub for businesses looking to establish a presence in a strategically located area with excellent transportation links.

7 modern bridges and the coming future

Comparatively, District 4 is renowned for its iconic feature: the “Seven Bridges.” These seven distinct bridges not only serve as vital transportation links but also contribute to the district’s unique charm and identity. Each bridge has a character of its own. From the historic and beautifully designed Calmette Bridge to the modern and sleek Khanh Hoi Bridge.

Concurrently, They connect the district to neighboring areas and provide stunning views of the Saigon River. Enhancing the overall aesthetics of the region. The Seven Bridges are not just functional but have also become cultural landmarks. Drawing residents and tourists alike to experience their significance and beauty.


Consequently, Ho Chi Minh Metro Line Number 4 is a vital component of the city’s expanding urban rail network. Contributing to improved transportation infrastructure. This line, marked by its advanced technology and design, connects districts and suburbs. Alleviating traffic congestion and reducing pollution.

Contrarily, It offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative for daily commuters. Facilitating smooth transit within the city. Line 4 stands as a testament to Ho Chi Minh’s commitment to sustainable urban development. Fostering economic growth and a higher quality of life for its residents. As the city continues to expand. This metro line plays a pivotal role in shaping its modern and efficient transportation system.


Conversely, Water transportation in District 4 is an essential and dynamic aspect of its infrastructure. Located along the Saigon River, this district benefits from its strategic waterfront position. Water taxis, ferries, and boats are integral to daily life. Providing efficient and scenic connectivity to neighboring districts and the city center.

Correspondingly, The network of water routes not only eases traffic congestion but also offers a unique perspective of the city’s skyline. Furthermore, it supports commerce. With cargo transport and the fishery industry thriving along the riverbanks. District 4’s water transportation system is not only functional but also a defining feature. Contributing to its cultural and economic vitality.

Features Of Office For Rent In District 4

Eventually, Our office spaces for rent in District 4 offer a range of features tailored to meet your business needs. These modern workspaces are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, high-speed internet, and ergonomic furnishings, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment.

Features Of Office For Rent In District 4
Features Of Office For Rent In District 4

With flexible lease options, you can choose the size and layout that suits your team. Enjoy access to meeting rooms, on-site parking, and 24/7 security for added convenience and peace of mind. Additionally, the central location provides easy access to public transportation and local amenities, making it a prime choice for businesses seeking a vibrant and well-connected office space in District 4.

Complex environment

Especially, District 4 is characterized by its complex and diverse environment. This urban area is a vibrant blend of old and new, with traditional markets nestled amidst modern high-rises. Its waterfront location along the Saigon River and the presence of iconic bridges create a unique landscape.

The district hosts a multicultural community, with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zones. This complex environment gives rise to a rich tapestry of experiences, where traditional street food vendors coexist with upscale restaurants and tech startups. It is a microcosm of Ho Chi Minh City’s dynamism, offering an exciting and ever-evolving urban experience that caters to a wide range of interests and lifestyles.

Beautiful location, river view

Equally, District 4, nestled along the banks of the Saigon River, is a stunning location offering picturesque river views. The district’s scenic charm is enhanced by its proximity to the water, with its iconic bridges and riverfront promenades providing a breathtaking backdrop. Residents and businesses in this area have the privilege of enjoying the serene and calming vistas of the river.

The combination of urban amenities and natural beauty makes it an attractive place to live and work. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along the riverbanks or gazing at the city lights reflecting on the water at night, the river view in District 4 adds a touch of beauty and tranquility to daily life.

Many utilities

Earlier, District 4 is a bustling urban district in Ho Chi Minh City that boasts a wide array of utilities. It’s a place where convenience is at your doorstep, offering residents and businesses an abundance of essential services. From markets and shopping centers to schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational areas, District 4 has it all.

The district is known for its diverse dining options, catering to various tastes and preferences. Additionally, its well-connected transportation network ensures easy access to other parts of the city. With numerous amenities and services, District 4 is a dynamic and self-sustaining community that provides a high quality of life for its inhabitants.

Office Rental Fee In District 4

Office Rental Fee In District 7
Office Rental Fee In District 7

Office rental fee in district 4 by grade and type:

  • Firstly, Grade A Office For Lease District 4: $25 – $35 (Phuong Long 2, Ree Tower)
  • Secondly, Grade B Office For Rent District 4: $15 – $25 (Saigon House, Zano Building)
  • Thirdly, Grade C Office Space District 4: $10 – $15 (Haloland, Van Do Building)
  • Also, Coworking Space District 4: $61 – $142 (WeWork, Work Labs)
  • Lastly, Serviced Office District 4: $61 – $142 (CirCO, Regus)

Top 4 Office Building For Lease In District 4

Etown Central Grade A

In Front of Etown Central - lookoffice.vn
In Front of Etown Central

With a prime location, professional office building and good services, ETown Central is the top choice when looking for office space for rent in District 4.

Ree Tower Grade A

In Front of Ree Tower - lookoffice.vn
In Front of Ree Tower

Ree Tower is invested by REE Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Joint Stock Company with a scale of 18,000 square meters of office space for rent.

Phượng Long 2 Grade B

In Front of Phuong Long 2 - lookoffice.vn
In Front of Phuong Long 2

Phuong Long 2 Building has the great advantage of location right on the main street Nguyen Truong To. This is an area with many large bank branches, so it is an ideal workplace for all businesses in District 4.

Cotec Building Grade B

In Front of Cotec Building - lookoffice.vn
In Front of Cotec Building

Cotec Building is located on Nguyen Truong To Street, this is considered the economic and financial center of the region with bustling trade activities and high population density.

With our support in the price negotiation process as well as the terms of the lease; You can rent an office for a better price, or on more favorable terms.


We offer a free consultation to support you to find an suitable Office for lease in District 4:

Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo

Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lookoffice.vn

In conclusion, office for lease in District 4 stands as an exceptional destination for office leasing. Its strategic location, well-connected transportation infrastructure, and proximity to the Saigon River offer a unique blend of convenience and aesthetics.

With the district’s vibrant atmosphere and promising economic prospects, leasing an office here opens doors to growth, opportunity, and a thriving business environment in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the service at LOOKOFFICE include?

LOOKOFFICE provides office finding and consulting services with an information archive of more than 1,500 office buildings for rent from small to large with many different prices. Not to mention LOOKOFFICE also has a Business All In One search service for customers who want to find jobs while renting an office.

Office rental process at LOOKOFFICE

Visit our website here to know the process of office rental: https://lookoffice.vn/hcmc-office-leasing-guide

What are the disadvantages of District 4 office?

Disadvantages of renting an office in District 4 may include higher rental costs, increased competition for office space, potential traffic congestion, limited parking options, and noise and congestion associated with a bustling urban environment. These factors can impact affordability, convenience, and employee well-being.

Advantages of renting an office in District 4

Renting an office in District 4 offers proximity to amenities, fostering networking opportunities, access to a skilled workforce, enhancing the company’s reputation, and providing convenient transportation options. These advantages make it an attractive choice for businesses seeking a central and well-connected location.

Which building in District 4 is the best?

ETOWN Central Building is one of the best office rental in District 4

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