Why choose an office for lease in District 2

Why choose an office for lease in District 2

In recent years, the situation of almost no new supply causes office rents in the central area to skyrocket, businesses fall into the ‘thirst’ of office space. When the land fund in the city center is exhausted, the supply of offices in District 1, District 3 is not enough to meet the needs of customers, the areas around the center will become the first choice for businesses. Karma. One of the areas that is expected to attract the most tenants is office for lease in District 2 – the new financial and commercial center of Saigon in the future, District 2’s economy will develop to a new height.

District 2 Ho Chi Minh

1. Infrastructure:

The development of infrastructure helps District 2 become the focal point of the city

One of the important factors influencing the demand for office space in District 2 is the strong development of transport infrastructure network and speed of urbanization and complete urban planning.

You can click here for more information about Infrastructure & planning in District 2: https://lookoffice.vn/district-2-is-a-new-modern-smart-urban-city-in-the-future

2. Utilities around office for lease in District 2:

Along with the development of the planning infrastructure, other utilities are also developed in parallel here such as supermarkets, large commercial centers (Metro, Parkson), parks, schools, and hospitals. … these utilities are appreciated by office tenants.

3. Competitive rent price:

Office space at the central area is becoming scarce, which causes office rents to increase sharply over the years. Compared to other areas, the office rent in District 2 is quite competitive, mainly focusing on the cheap office segment with reasonable prices and diverse renting areas.

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