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How to Arrange a Harmonious and Beautiful Office

How to Arrange a Harmonious and Beautiful Office

If you are looking to open an office for your company by renting or building a new one, arrange an office design of 50m2 in a modern style, creating an open space is the most suitable for optimizing space. by simple but beautiful interior design, improving employee morale, and increasing labor productivity.

Why choose an area of ​​​​50m2 to arrange your office

Why choose an area of ​​​​50m2 to arrange your office
In the central areas, office rental is very expensive, for large beautiful locations, you need a huge maintenance cost. For a startup company with a small number of employees, choosing an office with a small area is the right solution to build a solid rear.
If your company has several employees from 20-30 people, an office with an area of ​​​​50m2 is quite suitable. An area of ​​50m2 is not a large area, so it is not feasible to build many different functional areas. Therefore, the best way is to arrange, using compartments to divide different areas to match and harmonize is a feasible solution to save more costs.

Redistribute space in the office

Each office has basic areas for receiving guests, staff working areas and dining areas, etc. The main areas that need the most are the Reception, Working Area, Area for Managers, Customer contact area.
Depending on the current situation of the ground, these areas will be arranged with appropriate areas. However, necessary areas must be prioritized such as Desks, Meeting areas, and working areas for employees.

The office has a great length

If the office is long and narrow, arrange each area in turn in the order of the reception area, staff room and finally the director’s room. This layout is completely suitable for the position and role of each department and also suitable for office feng shui.

Space division in the office 50m2

Space division in the office 50m2
For square office

If the office is square, with two symmetrical dimensions, the reception area is located in the position closest to the door. The staff area is located along the length of the office, depending on the number of employees to design the size or the number of desks accordingly.
To save space, we can arrange for the staff to sit facing the wall, helping to create a spacious space in the middle of the room. This space is empty or sets up a meeting table, you will have a multi-purpose room without taking up too much space.

Choosing the right furniture for an office of 50m2

In-office design with limited area, the selection of furniture for the office is extremely important to create friendliness, modernity, and efficiency in use.
Based on your needs and fields, you should choose compact furniture designed with the right colors for your company.


An indispensable interior desk, long rectangular desks will often have plenty of seating space for employees. You should choose a desk with built-in drawers for convenient storage.
Desks used for many employees will help save a lot of space and increase space for employees to use. Each room will be easier to connect and save on stationery when equipping staff

Office chair

Office chairs should choose swivel chairs, compact upholstery, and felt…This is a modern office chair, convenient in use, flexible in movement, and comfortable for the occupants as well as bringing professionalism to the office space.

Documents Cabinet

The area of ​​50m2 is not too large for you to freely choose the office cabinet models, to optimize the area for this space, besides choosing the models of desks with drawers or movable drawers for each room. the desk, you should choose a wall-mounted cabinet or a wall-mounted cabinet that will help the office space become much larger

Desk divider

To divide sitting positions as well as ensure privacy for each employee without the space being cramped, you can arrange additional types of glass desk partitions, glass wood, glass felt, …

Bringing nature into the office space

The introduction of natural elements into the office environment will make the working space more friendly and closer.
You can put some green plants and clear fish tanks in the office, which will make the office environment closer to nature, helping to positively improve the mood of each employee in the company.

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