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HCM Restaurant: Luxury List for Couples

HCM Restaurant: Luxury List for Couples

Since each person always deserves the loftiest position of service, whether it’s transportation, food, or accommodation, why not choose quality caffs to enjoy high-class cookery from quality food in an HCM restaurant? food to luxury service? The luxury caffs in Saigon that I’m about to suggest below are extremely suitable for a warm evening with the most special people in your life.

Sorae Restaurant – Lounge HCM restaurant

Sorae Restaurant – Lounge HCM restaurant

Appearing first in the list of luxury caffs in Saigon is Sorae Restaurant – Lounge, a notorious Japanese eatery in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Located on the 24th and 25th bottoms of AB Tower, Sorae Restaurant- Lounge has a beautiful view of the megacity center through shimmering glass panes girding 4 sides of the eatery. Entering then, you’ll be overwhelmed by the eatery with a luxurious design in a veritably unique style that’s a combination of Europe and Asia.

With commodious space on two bottoms, the eatery has numerous areas and indeed a private room for large groups. Sorae also has spaces large and private enough for the whole family. However, you can not go wrong because the space then’s especially romantic, If you choose this place as a courting spot. It’s stylish if you can sit at the table right next to the glass door, eating and enjoying Japanese food.

The position of Sorae Restaurant- Lounge is also reflected in the cookery then. The dishes are all the freshest fish and seafood. Not only that, but Sorae’s menu is also rich in Japanese special dishes.

Sorae is one of the many caffs that both have a foamy view and serves high-quality cookery.

Moo Beef Steak Prime

Moo Beef Steak Prime eatery is foamy and magnific at first sight. Moo Beef Steak Prime has located in the heart of District 1 on the busy Ngo Duc Ke Street just many ways from the walking road.
Only lately opened but Moo Beef Steak Prime scores with a luxurious space. The space at Muse shimmers with warm and romantic golden lights and candlelight. However, Muse is the choice for indeed the most finical people, If looking for a place that has a beautiful space and succulent food.

The menu then’s European style. In particular, the dishes than are beautifully and delicately decorated by high-class cooks. The eatery also has a grand wine room with a variety of wines from all over the world to pair impeccably with your mess.

Shri HCM Restaurant

Shri HCM Restaurant

Shri is an eatery on the 23rd bottom of Centec Tower, so Shri has a plainly beautiful view. Operating many times, Shri still holds the position of one of the most luxurious caffs in Saigon worth going to. Unlike other rooftops, Shri is an extremely quiet place for you to enjoy romantic moments with your loved one.
At Shri, guests feel like dining in an elevated theater, shimmering with the megacity’s lights. This is the place that couldn’t be more applicable to celebrate leaves, anniversaries, or important days.

European- style eatery with outstanding dishes from beefsteak to angel chops, and salmon If looking for a great regale by night and wine, with beautifully presented dishes in a romantic atmosphere, intimately, Shri is the perfect place.

Social Club- Hotel des Art

Social Club is an eatery located on the 23rd bottom of the MGallery Hotel des Art, which is notorious for being one of the most luxurious and sophisticated hospices in Saigon. Social Club has both à la carte and Western-style buffets with fresh and high-class dishes. This place regularly welcomes world-class cookers with special menus.

In addition to undisputed high-class food, Social Club is also an ideal place for courting and family gatherings because of its private space. The eatery with its luxurious design style impresses right from the moment you step by. There’s an area for large groups and separate tables for couples.

A great point then’s that you’ll have a veritably beautiful megacity view through the glass windows. Surely you’ll have a luxurious and cozy regale at Social Club.

Namo Pizza HCM restaurant

Namo Pizza HCM restaurant

Right from the name you also realize Namo is an Italian eatery. Namo has two branches in Hai Ba Trung and Pasteur. NAMO Artisanal Pizzeria in Hai Ba Trung has a different menu of Italian dishes. Pizza is the main dish at the eatery, especially the long pizza for a group of 10 people. Not only pizza, but the typical Italian dishes at the eatery are also excellent from salads, mists, and pasta to main courses. This venue has an ultramodern and luxurious style, suitable for family gatherings, musketeers, or business meetings.

NAMO Tuscan Grill at Pasteur has the strength of a variety of main dishes, the most notorious being beefsteak. The space then’s rated as super romantic and shimmering. An ideal place for couples to have a romantic candlelit regale. You can also watch the busy road through the glass window from the eatery.

Pizza 4P’s

Pizza 4P’s is so notorious that it does not need an important introduction. However, succulent food and reasonable prices are, If you’re looking for a place with a beautiful space.

The food then’s so good that every dish is a must-pass. The crapola
is all manual, so they taste veritably fresh. Coming to Pizza 4P’s, of course, you have to try rubbish dishes from appetizers to pizza. Top favorite pizzas at Pizza 4P’s include 4 rubbish pizzas, 5 rubbish pizzas, Margherita, salmon, and teriyaki funk The pasta dishes are inversely great that you shouldn’t miss them.
Also, Pizza 4P also invests in a menu of goodies that are relatively spectacular and infectious. At Pizza 4P’s, you can eat to anyone with a full stomach, but the price is extremely reasonable compared to high-quality constituents, food quality, and professional and sophisticated processing.

From the space, and the food to the price at Pizza 4P’s is impeccable, so this place is always in the top places to celebrate special occasions.

Pizza 4P also has many branches, so it is not afraid to be crowded on holidays. However, you should also book a table before coming here.

El Gaucho Steakhouse HCM restaurant

El Gaucho Steakhouse HCM restaurant

El Gaucho Steakhouse is known as the best steak restaurant in Saigon. Located in the heart of District 1, the restaurant has a cool and luxurious style, both having space for couples and large areas for families.

Once you try the steak here, you will fully feel the quality of El Gaucho Steakhouse. The restaurant has a variety of beef, usually, you can order in portions of 250 grams, 500 grams, or 1 kg. If you order medium rare, you will feel the beef at El Gaucho Steakhouse is as soft as melt in your mouth. Various side dishes and sauces. El Gaucho Steakhouse also has a wide range of wines to pair with beef. If you are not familiar with alcohol, the staff will enthusiastically advise you from dishes to accompanying wines.

Although the price is a bit “expensive”, El Gaucho Steakhouse is worth the money and will not disappoint you. High-class steak and wine with loved ones is an unforgettable dinner.

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