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Ho Chi Minh City Life: Why HCMC is worth living

Ho Chi Minh City Life: Why HCMC is worth living

Ho Chi Minh City life has just been ranked 3rd by the global expat’s network website in terms of cities worth living for expats, just behind Taipei (Taiwan) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). It is interesting that Ho Chi Minh City was chosen by foreigners as a livable city in the 3rd position out of 82 cities in the world.

Job opportunities are not difficult in Ho Chi Minh City life

Job opportunities are not difficult in Ho Chi Minh City life

81% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the cost of living in HCMC, nearly double the 82-city average of 43%. In particular, Ho Chi Minh City ranked first in terms of employment and career criteria and ranked 6th in terms of life and work balance. The economic outlook score here is also highly rated at 81% compared to the average of 82 cities with only 61%.

Ho Chi Minh City is chosen by many foreign young people not to travel, but to live, work, volunteer, or a combination of all the above reasons. Mr. S (Danish nationality, Vietnamese father, Iranian mother) said he has been in Vietnam for more than 4 weeks, focusing most of the time in Ho Chi Minh City, working as a volunteer. Because he is of Vietnamese origin, since childhood, Mr. S had the opportunity to enjoy pho, but it was not until he stayed in Saigon for a long time that he had the opportunity to eat more Vietnamese pho.

Although Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia’s capital) is ranked above HCMC in terms of a livable city for expats, Mr. J, originally from Malaysia, has lived and worked in Ho Chi Minh City for more than 6 weeks, still expressed excitement when talking about Saigon. Mr. J said Ho Chi Minh City has a “warm appeal” that is not easily found in many other commercial cities. “The people on both sides of the road are very friendly, we can ask for information and they happily answer if they know the language. The income here is not high, but it is enough for young people who want to work part-time, can make a living, wander around, and snack on many delicious and rich dishes at a reasonable price. That was enough and created a pleasant vibe”, Mr. J explained about the “warm attraction” he felt even though he couldn’t speak Vietnamese, the main language of communication was English. Every day, he works as an English teacher for a number of English practice clubs in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City.

Coming from the island nation of Mauritius, introducing herself as a very beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, Mrs. K said that she is teaching English at a foreign language center in Ho Chi Minh City, but was impressed with her hard-working and humble personality. the kindness and warmth of the people here. Commenting on HCMC, she said: “I have never felt such a good connection in any country I have traveled to before. From supermarket staff to restaurant delivery people, everyone was very kind to me. They hold a special place in my heart. Very strange!”. Saigon bread is a favorite and “cheap, best in the world” dish of Mrs. K. After the bread, a delicious, cheap cup of roasted coffee that can be bought anywhere on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City makes Mrs. K as well as many of her friends excited.

It is easy to find a temporary job with a not too large amount of money, most said that the income is about 6 – 8 million VND/month, but enough to wander around for snacks and live comfortably to “travel” to explore other new lands. in Vietnam is one of many reasons why many foreign young people choose Ho Chi Minh City to travel, live and work. Even many young people like Komprachaya (Thailand) who are working at a Thai restaurant (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) also said that this city is easy to find a job and the opportunity to get a job is not difficult.

Ho Chi Minh city life is worth living just because… cheap?

Ho Chi Minh city life is worth living just because... cheap?

In Ho Chi Minh City, there is a rich, dynamic, and pleasant life that makes young people like us enjoy the experience. The important thing is that I can work part-time to earn money to travel before returning home to study artificial intelligence in my hometown of Copenhagen (Denmark).

Compared to other provinces and cities, the cost of living to maintain life in this magnificent city is not an easy problem to solve, but according to many young “provincial people” living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, this It’s a livable city, literally and figuratively.

After six years of “diving” in Saigon, since being a first-year student with “wet feet” from Phu Yen to the city to study at university, Mrs. Chi (25 years old) has been frustrated many times because of a deadlock in her career. job search. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in literature, Mrs. Chi “joined” a friend’s company specializing in advertising content. Working all week, sometimes until 1-2 am, but after 2 salary increases, you only get to 4 million VND, sometimes you have this and that, the total income does not exceed 5 million VND. The rent alone is 1.5 million dong/month, not including electricity, water, gasoline, and running from home to the office every day for more than 20 km… There are months when the money runs out, Mrs. Chi has to ask her parents to transfer. rice paper and squid paste from the countryside to “survive the day”. Luckily, I found an acquaintance who introduced me through a media and event organization. Up to now, Mrs. Chi’s monthly salary has reached 10 million.

Having also entered the 6th year of studying and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Duc (from Hue), is a reporter for an online newspaper, briefly sharing: “I like living in Saigon, because fun”. Asked what is the definition of “fun”, Mr. Duc said that HCMC is very dynamic and gives you many opportunities to experience many different jobs. Graduated from the prestigious Foreign Trade University of Ho Chi Minh City, before falling in love with writing, Mr. Duc used to be an employee of a foreign market analysis company.

More importantly, most people who have been to, have been, or are living in HCMC have to admit: the locals are very friendly and relaxed. They welcome everyone from all regions, without discrimination, without scrutiny. You can freely express yourself without fear of receiving scornful eyes and words. That is why not only for foreigners, even for Vietnamese, Ho Chi Minh City is also one of the most livable cities.

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