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Hotel in District 1: Top Best in HCMC

Hotel in District 1: Top Best in HCMC

The best hotel in District 1 should be 5-star hotels – this is understandable, but because the cost per night will be quite high, most tourists will not be able to access and choose. choose to stay there. There are many hotels in District 1 with good prices and extremely good quality rooms, achieving 8.9 parts compared to 5-star accommodation (of course, only talking about the quality of rooms, not including utilities). If your needs are mainly accommodations and ignore amenities, there are many good hotels at extremely reasonable prices, check out the names below.

Hotel in District 1: Triple E . Hotel

Hotel in District 1: Triple E . Hotel

Triple E is a 3-star hotel in District 1 with a very elegant design, overlooking the surrounding city. Double rooms depending on size and view will range from 500,000 VND to 1 million VND / night, comfortable double bed, and soft mattress. The room is fully equipped, clean, and spacious – fresh room decoration colors and natural wood furniture gives a very pleasant feeling. The sophisticated decor is sure to delight you with the color harmony and arrangement in the room. The hotel received more than 700 reviews on Booking with a score of 8.6/10 points with many reviews and compliments for the hotel location, beautiful interior, delicious food, and friendly & enthusiastic staff. Surely this is a very suitable choice for your trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

Triple Hotel is very suitable for couples, couples traveling, people who have short business trips and have work and meet partners near District 1 and neighboring districts.

Spotlight Hotel

This is a good quality 2-star hotel in District 1 with a cheap price compared to expensive premises in the downtown district. With a double bedroom price ranging from 350,000 VND – 600,000 VND / night, the room is beautifully furnished, clean, and comfortable, and the staff is friendly and enthusiastic.

The hotel is located on Cong Quynh Street, connected to Bui Vien West Street just by walking a few minutes. This is the center of District 1, you can easily move to Ben Thanh market, Tao Dan Park, and Nguyen Hue walking street, … within a radius of 1km. Around the hotel, there are many places to eat, and drink, cafes, entertainment, restaurants, and services for tourists such as laundry, retail tours, flight tickets, train tickets, motorbike rentals, and self-driving cars. , … convenient for all your needs.

The hotel has a youthful, gentle design with white, blue, and cream-colored wood that is very pleasant to stay. The design style is sophisticated, and simple to ensure the comfort needs of travelers. With more than 600 good reviews on Booking, a review score of 8.7/10 points is definitely a good place for you to stay during your stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotel in District 1: Asian Kitchen Hotel

Hotel in District 1: Asian Kitchen Hotel

Asian Kitchen Hotel is a good hotel in District 1 located in the Pham Ngu Lao area, connected to Bui Vien West Street, Tao Dan Park, very close to Ben Thanh Market, and Nguyen Hue Walking Street. This hotel is suitable for first-time tourists to Saigon and foreign tourists. The name has shown the implication of the hotel to come here to enjoy the food, in fact, the hotel is a combination of restaurant and accommodation, so you won’t have to go far to find a place to eat but can choose right away. in the hotel menu. Guests are rated 2-star standard and receive more than 700 good reviews on booking with an average score of 8.5/10. With a lot of compliments for the service of the accommodation, the staff and the hotel owner are enthusiastic and cute.

The hotel is suitable for those who are traveling to Saigon for the first time – alone, couples, or groups are suitable to stay here, can enjoy Saigon nightlife at Bui Vien pedestrian street; Enjoy food and coffee. If you want to travel to other places, it is also easy to buy tours, and book tickets for buses, trains, planes, travel services, … available right around.

Huong Sen Hotel

Huong Sen Hotel is a 3-star standard hotel in District 1, located on Dong Khoi Street – the most beautiful location in Saigon since ancient times known for the most expensive land in the city. This place is the quintessential convergence with the surrounding 5-star hotels, the city’s Opera House, the other side is Bach Dang wharf along the Saigon River, surrounded by many houses and architecture from the French and American eras. left very distinctive. Although it is a 3-star hotel in the center of District 1, the room price is also very affordable – there are single rooms and double rooms with breakfast ranging from about 1 million / night. The hotel also has a delightful rooftop breakfast spot overlooking the Bitexco building and its surroundings. The staff is friendly, enthusiastic, and supportive, the rooms are comfortable and clean, spacious for a very pleasant feeling. That is why the hotel received more than 1000 good reviews on Booking with a high score of 8.6/10 points – this is definitely a reasonable choice for you when traveling to Saigon and needing to find a mid-range hotel. center to rest.

Hotel in District 1: Saigonciti Hotel A

Hotel in District 1: Saigonciti Hotel A

This is one of the most booked hotels in District 1 with very high ratings and review scores – quality is reflected in guest satisfaction. The location of the hotel on Pham Ngu Lao Street is close to Bui Vien pedestrian street – Saigon’s sleepless night street is very vibrant, interesting, and has endless entertainment activities, is a place where young people in Saigon often gather and have fun every night. Visitors from far and wide can come to experience and feel the atmosphere of this place.

The White House Hotel

This is a good hotel in District 1, located near the Bui Vien area – Pham Ngu Lao is a very crowded West street at night in the center of District 1. From here you can also quickly and easily walk to the market. Ben Thanh, Nguyen Hue walking street, Tao Dan park, Bach Dang wharf. As a traveler, you can easily move to explore the surrounding landmarks within a radius of 3km such as Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral, City Post Office, Opera House, Independence Palace, Saigon Book Street, or the area. There are many museums in the surrounding area such as the Fine Arts Museum, and the War Remnants Museum, and other attractions such as the Zoo and Botanical Garden that are easily accessible by motorbike taxi, taxi, or grab.

The White House Hotel is one of the most booked hotels in District 1 with more than 600 reviews on Booking with a lot of compliments, positive comments, and satisfaction with the good hotel service quality. The hotel is rated very high – 9.4/10, this is definitely a good hotel in District 1 for you when traveling to Saigon.

Avanti Hotel

Avanti Hotel

Avanti Hotel is a decent hotel in District 1, located in a lively area of Ho Chi Minh City, just 200 meters from Ben Thanh Market, Avanti Hotel offers accommodation with an on-site restaurant. The hotel’s convenient location provides easy access to nearby attractions such as the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City. Most first-time visitors to Saigon staying at Avanti Hotel in District 1 are very satisfied because of its great location to meet all the needs of dining, entertainment, sightseeing, and meeting partners and customers.

This is a good 3-star standard hotel in District 1, with more than 1600 reviews and a rating of 8.4/10, this will definitely be a good, quality hotel for you to stay when you come to Ho Chi Minh City. . The majority of guests leave reviews and leave positive feedback, satisfaction, and praise for hotel services, very honest and objective reviews on Booking talk about the friendliness and enthusiasm of the staff.

The price of a double room ranges from 500,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND depending on the time. With modern architecture, modern design style, luxury, elegance, and sophistication, it is very suitable for business travelers, couples, and couples traveling to Saigon. Some rooms at Avanti Hotel overlook the city with wide glass doors, you can enjoy the view of District 1 – the bustling and dynamic Saigon center, and see the people of Saigon living, commuting, working, and living. lifestyle in this land of Saigon.

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