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Functions and Duties of The Customer Service Department

Functions and Duties of The Customer Service Department

Today, customers have too many choices, their needs also change constantly over time. Therefore, businesses that want to retain customers need to build a department dedicated to taking care of customers. So what is the function of the customer service department?

What is Customer Service?

What is Customer Service?

Taking care of customers is the primary focus and concern of all successful businesses. It helps your organization develop a loyal customer base. At the same time, it is possible to improve the relationship with current and future customers of your business.

When the market economy has fierce competition like today. New and small businesses need to have the best customer care plan possible. And one of the ways to increase sales and profits is to both retain customers and find new customers. If these two factors are ignored, the revenue of the business will be significantly reduced.

Always remember, even if your product is not up to standard, the company has a good customer service regime. Then they are still rated well and customers will still be willing to come back to continue to experience the products and services that your unit provides.

Functions and duties of the customer service department

Function: Build information channels (website, fanpage, youtube, …) so that customers can easily access information about the company, product features, prices, payment methods…

Customer Service Department Duties:

  • Responsible for receiving all information about customer complaints, and offering solutions. Then, submit it to the sales manager for comments and discussion at the briefing.
  • Coordinate with the marketing department to implement advertising and promotion programs, and carefully analyze the benefits of customers to maximize the effectiveness of the marketing plan according to the set goals.
  • Plan to visit VIP customers, wholesale customers, or regular customers of the company.
  • Organize the implementation, check, monitor, and adjust the plan. Record customer comments to improve the quality of products, services or sales processes, etc.
  • Actively planning to give gifts to customers on holidays, New Year, opening day, and establishment day of customers.
  • Plan to monitor product warranty period, check warranty plan, warranty activities, maintenance, and repair activities to understand the company’s satisfaction with this activity.
  • Conduct customer satisfaction measurements twice a year. Reporting to Sales Manager.
  • Find out the cause of the customer’s bad and unsatisfactory reviews, and propose solutions to improve.
  • The customer care process of the department must be made up of continuous processes. To find ways to improve the company’s customer care activities to achieve the highest efficiency.
  • Plan customer care budget by month, quarter, and year. The Sales Manager will review and propose to the Board of Directors for approval. At the same time, the organization follows the agreed customer care budget.

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Standard customer care process in the business

Standard customer care process in the business

Usually, businesses will set a specific standard for customer service activities. Here are some necessary standards, which are commonly applied by many units today:

  • Customer is always king
  • Understand customer psychology anytime, anywhere
  • Ready to listen and respond quickly and convincingly
  • Responsible for customer problems
  • Flexibility in interaction is demonstrated by maintaining contact between businesses and customers.

Adhering to the application of standards in the customer service process will help businesses retain customers effectively. At the same time, there are more potential new customers, thanks to the excellent customer service that has raised the brand’s position, helping more people know the business.

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