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Total Building Security Control Solution

Total Building Security Control Solution

Access Control, also known as an access control system, is often used to control building security, commercial centers, apartment buildings, offices, and industrial parks,… Control solutions Overall security operates in a rigorous and modern cycle, giving you a sense of building security and peace of mind when coming to the building.

Outer building security control system

Outer building security control system

Bollards Anti-Terrorist System:

  • Bollards are metal pillars buried underground, capable of turning on quickly when receiving an activation signal from the system (within 3 seconds) to prevent unauthorized entry of vehicles such as cars and vehicles. trucks and all other specialized vehicles…
  • Then the metal pillars will be hidden under the road surface, ensuring the safety of normal vehicles.

I/O gate control system:

  • Barrier, 3-pin swing gate, automatic swing gate

Parking control system:

  • Using long-distance recognition technology helps car drivers not to need to get out of the car.
  • The automatic management system of all vehicles in/out: Identification of cards, the capture of license plates, analysis of number plates into text, taking pictures of drivers,… compare data and give corresponding processing.
  • Minimize time, congestion, and errors when checking tickets.

Smart parking control system:

  • Automated driver information and seat alerts.
  • Control the entire entry/exit process and all activities in the parking lot with the camera system (CCTV) set up and installed at points in the parking lot.
  • Avoid congestion, especially in the tunnels.

You can read the previous article here: Building a Safety Culture at Workplace

System of lane-separating doors

  • Made of stainless steel with elegant design and high durability, it is often used in areas with a large number of people in / out such as tourist attractions, amusement parks, buildings, factories, ports, etc. Control tickets for flights, buses, and trains.
  • Manage and control each person in and out with customized software and modules.

Elevator control system by magnetic card in building security

Elevator control system by magnetic card in building security

  • When parking the car at the building, the user will immediately use that card to use the elevator (In the case of a rental building with many different companies, use the elevator stratification management form by magnetic card). ).
  • Elevator access cards will be divided into 2 types: visitor cards and employee cards in the building.

Control the entrance/exit of floors and monitoring areas

  • Offices are often rented in high-rise buildings or commercial centers, so there is often unsafe access leading to unsafe security. Some modern offices today often Install access/exit control systems. In some places in the office, to ensure absolute security, some areas do not allow outsiders to enter / exit, helping to stabilize the building security situation.
  • In addition, the door control system can also integrate timekeeping to help businesses save a lot of costs, all attendance activities use the same card.

Building Security camera system (CCTV)

  • Monitoring and recording images of all activities in the controlled area: parking lot, lobby, entrance, … of the building to ensure security in the best way.

The above security monitoring and control systems are all controlled by the same central control system, which can control the up and down as well as the opening/exit of the elevator.

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