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Principles of Meeting Room Interior Design

Principles of Meeting Room Interior Design

Maybe the meeting room furniture is not the central space that you pay the most attention to when designing the office. However, the design must facilitate the use of the space to connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

Why is it important to apply principles when designing meeting room furniture?

Why is it important to apply principles when designing meeting room furniture?
The design and layout of a meeting room are important because it establishes the framework for the work that takes place within it. If you’re running a company that values ​​transparency, modernity, openness, and inclusion, you might feel uncomfortable in a dark wood-paneled, windowless meeting room.

An ideal design should reflect the values ​​and requirements of the company’s business model. Most importantly, it needs to meet the physical and technological needs of the meeting members. The characteristics of the space, furniture, and equipment it contains need to address visibility, sound, connectivity, and accessibility for users. Specific guidelines will help us ensure a fully functional meeting room is provided.

Principles of meeting room interior design to be more productive

When you’re renovating or redesigning a meeting room, take the opportunity to think beyond the most practical needs: tables, chairs, and projector screens. Here are some guidelines to guide you to an easy meeting room that boosts productivity.

Ensure high-quality audio and video equipment

Setting up meeting room equipment must ensure stable configuration and easy operation. It needs to be powerful enough to handle line speed, and connectivity, and resolve issues. When your equipment is prone to failure, has constant connectivity issues, or is completely out of date, you won’t be able to use your meeting space effectively. This is why when designing meeting room furniture you should always focus on providing quality technical equipment.

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Respond to space efficiently

No one likes to walk into a meeting of fifteen people in a conference room designed to fit just ten people. If your team members are spending their time figuring out how to sit comfortably without elbowing the people sitting next to them, they won’t be able to fully focus on the meeting.

Make sure your conference room is designed to hold the number of people that really need to use it at a time. If a room is designed to fit ten people, find ten suitable, comfortable chairs and place them in that room.

Choose the right color for the meeting room interior

Choose the right color for the meeting room interior

Your brand almost certainly has its own signature color. When it comes to the color of the walls and furniture in the meeting room, cleverly show off the brand colors to bring a sense of intimacy or create accents for partners. If your brand colors are difficult to match with interiors, bright colors like white, light blue, green, and yellow can make a room feel larger. A little color can also boost creativity – especially if the current palette is too dull and monotonous.

Invest in smart furniture

Most meetings require quiet and fixation at the table. While there’s nothing wrong with that, for some businesses, effective communication requires more dynamics. Can move around, rearrange seats. Smart, flexible, and easily movable furniture will have a lot of benefits for the office space. Consider choosing furniture that is lightweight, reconfigurable, or on rollers.

Full light

No one can think and form ideas effectively in a dimly lit space. If you want people to feel comfortable, alert and energized in the meeting room, allow natural light into the space or at least the right lighting…

Natural light makes rooms feel larger while being filled with warm, bright light. Don’t let your team members work in dimly lit environments and then expect them to brainstorm to come up with amazing new insights. Use white light or light from LED or fluorescent lights to create the most comfortable feeling.

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