Experience for Finding Offices for Rent in Tan Binh District

Experience for Finding Offices for Rent in Tan Binh District

The following experiences will help those who are in need of office rental in Tan Binh district to find a place with a reasonable price, a suitable location, and at the same time meet other service and utility factors in a short time in the current economic session.

1. Rental location of Tan Binh:

1. Rental location of Tan Binh

Depending on the type of business, the location to rent an office in Tan Binh district will be different. However, every workplace should ensure the following basic criteria:
Central or nearby area
– Convenient traffic, clear roads
– The security and order situation in the area is guaranteed
– Good quality of building management
– Clean surroundings, lots of trees
– Various utilities such as eating places, hospitals, banks…

2. Rental price of office for lease in Tan Binh:

Office rent is high or low depending on the location, area, and equipment arranged in the house.
– Usually, the rental price will be subject to 10% tax.
– You need to clarify the price issue right from the beginning, especially whether the price offered by the lessor is inclusive of tax and clearly stated in the contract to avoid disagreements later.
– Besides, you also need to pay attention to the price of electricity and water and other fees before making a contract.

3. Office area:

Before renting an office, you need to calculate that the workplace is not too small or too redundant compared to the necessary level.
– The minimum area for an employee is 5m2, ideally from 8-18m2.
In addition, you should discuss with the investor about the shared space such as toilets, corridors… to avoid conflicts later.
– In case the company plans to expand in the future, you need to tell the landlord or investor in advance to minimize the costs incurred and avoid the lack of expansion area.

4. Investor for lease in Tan Binh District:

4. Investor for lease in Tan Binh District

You should find out information about the office lessor in advance. Avoid unscrupulous investors who have been reflected on legal issues, money, contract performance…
Some factors to consider to limit the risk:
– Can the investor sell the leased area to others?
– Do they have the ability to terminate the office lease agreement ahead of time?
– Are they able to fully and promptly fulfill the commitments stated in the contract?
– For arising problems that are not agreed upon in the contract, how will they handle them?

5. Payment period and lease term:

Normally, office rent will be paid every 3 months. But there are also cases where the lessor wants to collect sooner or later. You should agree with the investor or landlord on a reasonable time for both parties.
– For contracts, the minimum term is 2 years. The most common rate is 5 years, after which priority is to be renewed. This also needs to be negotiated depending on the company’s business development needs.

6. Service and office design:

– Courtyard lobby:
This area significantly affects the psychology of employees and customers from outside. If the lobby is spacious and airy, customers will have a more comfortable mood when entering your company.
– Parking:
Many buildings do not have parking space or the parking area is quite far away, which makes many customers and employees uncomfortable. Therefore, when renting an office, you should also pay attention to this issue.
– Air conditioning system and elevator:
You need to find out what type of air conditioning system in the office is. In some places, the system is not good, so it causes noise and water flow, affecting business. For elevators in buildings, there should be a separate area to avoid congestion due to sharing with residential areas.
– Window system:
The rented office should not be too airtight, it will easily cause suffocation. At the same time, the door system must also ensure that no rain or strong wind enters. For workplaces near crowded areas, the building’s glass should be double-layer soundproof glass to ensure quiet when working.
– Toilet:
When renting an office, you should consider whether the drainage system, as well as other facilities in the toilet, are up to standards. This directly affects the health and psychology of employees and customers when using.

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