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Dossier of Fire Prevention and Fighting License

Dossier of Fire Prevention and Fighting License

What are fire protection records? What is the current procedure for applying for a fire prevention and fighting license? The following article will answer the above question.

Dossier of fire prevention and fighting license

Dossier of fire prevention and fighting license

  • Application for a certificate of eligibility for fire protection
  • Certificate of fire protection approval (notarized copy)
  • The acceptance certificate of fire prevention and fighting if the facility is a completely new construction site, or is renovated
  • Motor vehicles with special requirements to ensure fire safety also need a pre-acceptance certificate for fire protection
  • Other facilities and motor vehicles need to have a record of fire prevention and safety inspection
  • The document listing the fire protection equipment, fire alarm, and fire fighting equipment, and the means of rescue that have been equipped at the facility need to be approved.
  • Decision on the establishment of a grassroots fire protection force
  • List of members who have completed the fire prevention training course
  • On-site fire fighting plan.

For some other special cases, the authorities will ask to provide some other documents such as:

In addition, depending on each case, the issuance of a certificate of eligibility for fire prevention and fighting also requires the following documents:

  • With construction sites including:
    • The investor’s written request for approval of the construction site (specifying the construction scale and characteristics of the work)
    • Detailed drawings and documents on the terrain and climate of the land, adjacent works, if any
  • For project design:
    • The investor’s written request for approval of fire protection
    • Investment license and planning certificate (notarized copy)
    • Detailed drawings of fire protection content
  • The place to receive and process dossiers: Fire prevention and fighting police offices in provinces and centrally run cities.
  • Processing time: 20-30 working days.
  • Fees: None.

Procedures for applying for a fire prevention and fighting license

Procedures for applying for a fire prevention and fighting license

After preparing the application file for the fire prevention and fighting license mentioned above, the customer performs the following steps:

Step 1: Submit an application

Individuals and organizations shall submit dossiers to the Fire Protection Police Department, and the Rescue and Rescue Department. In case of authorizing another individual or unit to perform, a written authorization must be attached.

Step 2: The receiving officer checks the validity of the application

If the application is valid and has sufficient components, the application will be accepted: write a receipt for the application to the applicant
If the application is invalid or lacks components, it will be returned: write instructions to the applicant to complete the application.

Step 3: Pay the design approval fee

Individuals and organizations pay fees for design appraisal and approval for fire protection according to the fee payment notice of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department.

Step 4: Receive the result of applying for a Fire Protection License

Based on the appointment date on the application receipt, individuals and organizations will come to the place of application to receive the results.

Processing time: From 5-15 days

You can read the previous article here: Works requiring a Fire Safety Permit

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