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The Executive Centre Coworking Space in HCMC

The Executive Centre Coworking Space in HCMC

The Executive Centre is a chain of coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with good prices and the best services for you to rent here.

Summary of The Executive Centre coworking space

Summary of The Executive Centre coworking space

With a worldwide network, The Executive Centre allows you to work anywhere in the world, and coworking space plans here make your business flexible and efficient. Contact Maison Office now for the best office rental advice and support.


Established in 1994, The Executive Centre has the goal of providing full-service office services for senior business people and leaders.

The coworking space has built a successful global network with more than 120 offices from China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Macau, Shanghai…), Southeast Asia, North Asia, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Australia.

Each branch center is located in the most luxurious Grade A buildings and is a symbol of each country, meeting international standards for green buildings LEED Gold, and LEED Silver.

Style of The Executive Centre coworking space

Style of The Executive Centre coworking space

Targeted at high-class businessmen, the design style of the mainstream co-working space at The Executive is iconic and strategically located.

Each office or branch is located on the most famous streets in the city center of each country. This makes The Executive Centre the perfect destination for leading local and international companies.


The co-working space offers special and flexible business features with services such as:

  • Shared and private workspaces:
    • Leading in high-class and professional design
    • Facilitate connections with experts in various fields
  • Business guide:
    • Provide professional IT solutions
    • On-site administrative support with high expertise
    • Seamless business transition
  • Meeting:
    • High-performance audio-visual technology
    • Food service on request
  • The lounge space is designed like a business room, providing many services such as a coffee bar, panoramic city view…
  • High-speed Wi-Fi, secure network, convenient on-site support team

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