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Compare Office for Rent from District 1 to District 5

Compare Office for Rent from District 1 to District 5

When looking for office space, businesses compare offices for rent in this district with office buildings in other districts, to make better decisions.

Office in District 1

Office in District 1
This is the most expensive place in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest economic center in Ho Chi Minh City, and the whole country. With the advantage of being located in the center, District 1 has many outstanding advantages. In addition to bringing convenience in traffic, easy moving to other areas, crowded areas. In particular, it is very close to Tan Son Nhat airport, convenient for traffic.
District 1 area is home to many Grade A offices for lease with modern equipment conditions, luxurious and professional design, diverse leasing areas. Thus, providing the most optimal working environment for businesses and creating a more professional image. However, the price is also among the most expensive, so this is not a good choice for small businesses.

District 3

Bordering District 1 and located right in the city center, District 3 is somewhat quieter than District 1. District 3 is also home to many embassies of other countries. Here, there are many types of office buildings for rent, although the quality is temporary, the cost is as high as office buildings for rent in District 1. Besides, District 3 is also easy to move to other districts but still encounters one-way streets and traffic jams at rush hour. Although it is not as convenient as in District 1, many companies choose District 3 because it has many beautiful places to set up offices.

Office in District 2 and District 4

Office in District 2 and District 4

District 2 used to be one of the less developed districts in Saigon. But now it has turned into a hot spot for development. The geographical location is extremely strategic, connected to the central district by Thu Thiem tunnel, and at the same time is the first stop of the subway system under construction. District 2 is the area that is targeted to become the second economic center of Saigon.
District 4 is considered the smallest district in Ho Chi Minh City, although there are few offices for rent, it is a good place to expand branches of big companies. In recent years, District 4 is gradually rising, and luxury buildings’ appearance has brought a new breath to this area. In addition, District 4 is also famous for its cheap street food area, serving many street foods in Saigon.
In general, both districts are on the rise and the cost here is much cheaper than the central districts. However, these two districts are far away and difficult to move to another place, so many young businesses have used to rent a virtual office in District 2, a virtual office in District 4 rather than renting an office or business premises.

District 5

Today, District 5 is becoming one of the largest economic centers in Ho Chi Minh City, so many businesses are paying attention to District 5. Only twenty minutes by car from District 1 to the West, District 5 is known as the largest Chinese street in Vietnam. But the Chinese are good at setting up and doing business, so this is a condition to attract businesses to come here to set up a business.
Choosing an office that is convenient for travel is also a concern of businesses. District 5 is a good ideal place for businesses to choose an office for themselves because traveling through the centers of District 1, District 3, District 10, District 6, … is convenient for partners and employees.
Unlike in District 1, the cost is expensive, it is difficult to rent with the low capital cost of newly established businesses. Most of the office rents in District 5 are much cheaper, but the quality of the office is as good as in District 1. This is a great advantage, a good reason for businesses to decide to start a business here.

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