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Advantages of Renting an Office in Tan Binh District

Advantages of Renting an Office in Tan Binh District

Tan Binh is one of the inner-city districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Located in the North of the city, bordering many central districts, the North has the largest Tan Son Nhat international airport in Vietnam, Tan Binh district has all the conditions to develop in all aspects both economically and politically. To rent a satisfactory office in this era, tenants need to understand some basic issues in the market for rental real estate in Tan Binh district below.

Basic issues when renting an office in Tan Binh district need to be understood

Basic issues when renting an office in Tan Binh district need to be understood
Geographical location

Many tenants make the mistake of only caring about the location of the district as the central district and not paying attention to many other small details. Tan Binh District is really a central district of the city, possessing all favorable conditions. Tan Son Nhat Airport is only a few kilometers from the city center, surrounded by central districts such as District 3, District 10, Phu Nhuan District, … very convenient for traveling by road or air. This place is the place to receive hundreds of thousands of businessmen from all over the world, tourists, or foreign investors. Really, Tan Binh district owns a prime location for any business or company.
However, investors often forget while renting an office in Tan Binh district that the advantage of trade only comes when the office is located on major roads and intersections that are convenient for moving, not buildings in alleys or traffic jams. Therefore, choosing a location that is both affordable and meets travel needs is not an easy task.

Infrastructure facilities for office in Tan Binh

Infrastructure facilities for office in Tan Binh

This is one of the issues that many people are most concerned about when renting an office in Tan Binh district. Currently, the segment of apartments for rent in Tan Binh district is divided into three segments as follows:

Grade B office is a type of office located in modern buildings, high-rise buildings, high-class apartments on the main roads of the district. This type of office fully meets the requirements of the area, direction, and feng shui. However, each office has some limitations, for example, on the high floor, the interior has some problems, … so it can’t become a perfect Grade A office. Some famous places can be mentioned such as the buildings at Pico Plaza or B Etown,…
Grade C office space will fully meet the basic conditions for an office apartment that customers want to rent. However, the reason these offices are in Grade C is due to their geographical location on small streets and wide alleys of the district. Therefore, the rental price is very reasonable, suitable for small-scale or newly established businesses.
Cheap offices are located in buildings with locations on small streets. The office is not too large or there will be a few other inconveniences that are typical of cheap apartments. However, the price will depend on the tenant’s ability to deal mainly. With moderate conditions, some apartments in this segment fully meet those criteria.

Office rental prices in the market

Price is always an important factor in any negotiation. Of course, when customers need office rental in Tan Binh district, price is always a factor considered by tenants.

The office leasing market in Tan Binh district is still a hot topic of city real estate. Tenant customers range from the segment that requires an area of ​​more than 200m2 or small companies with a small number of employees with an area of ​​​​50m2, the market can always meet any demand.
The rental price of each apartment ranges from 8 USD/m2 (equivalent to 170,000 VND/m2) to 30 USD/m2 (to more than 600,000 VND/m2) depending on the apartment segment and geographical location of each apartment. Cheap apartments like Thanh Binh Building located on Pho Quang street or Spring Building on Thang Long Street,… can be even cheaper depending on the apartment. This completely meets the needs of small and medium-sized companies in terms of cost and space.

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