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3 Factors When Renting Offices in Phu Nhuan District

3 Factors When Renting Offices in Phu Nhuan District

You are a company, business is looking for office rental in Phu Nhuan district. You cannot find a building with modern and luxurious infrastructure located in a convenient, busy location as well as at an appropriate cost. The following is the information we collect for you.

Office leasing market in Phu Nhuan area in recent years

Office leasing market in Phu Nhuan area in recent years
Ho Chi Minh City is currently one of the most prominent key economic centers in Vietnam until now. Therefore, this is the favorable area that many domestic and foreign companies and businesses choose as a starting place. This development has promoted and created a bustle in the office rental market in recent years. More than 70% of businesses prefer to choose office locations in central districts (District 1, District 3, District 10…). However, only more than 40% of them choose a suitable position, meeting the requirements of the business.
Most of the reasons are mainly due to the high rent in the central area, many expenses incurred beyond the budget of the business. Office buildings for rent in the central area are mainly Grade A and Grade B offices, with rental prices ranging from $20-$60/m2.
Adjacent to the city center area, the office leasing market in the Phu Nhuan district is somewhat more exciting, meeting most customers’ needs. With a variety of office segments as well as area and rent. From the smallest office space of 20m2 to 200, 500m2 are available, the price segment is only from 10m2. However, the location of Phu Nhuan district still ensures convenient transportation, transactions, meeting partners, utilities such as banks, hospitals… not inferior to central districts.

3 advantages not to be missed of offices for rent in Phu Nhuan district

The special location of Phu Nhuan district

Phu Nhuan district is considered the gateway to the north of the city center, with the Nguyen Van Troi route, connects District 1 – Phu Nhuan – Tan Binh – Tan Son Nhat International Airport. A part of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa roads connects 2 districts of Binh Thanh – District 10. The East borders Binh Thanh District, the West borders Tan Binh District, the South borders District 1 and District 3, the North borders Go Vap District. Therefore, renting an office in the Phu Nhuan district will be extremely convenient for moving in and out of the city center

The concentration of many domestic and foreign corporations and enterprises

Grasping and understanding the favorable geographical position of the Phu Nhuan district, many domestic and foreign companies and businesses gather in this prime area. This is also considered a favorable condition for joint venture cooperation. At the same time, with the development of economic and service trends in the area, there will be a lot of people who want to come here. Therefore, attracting customers and investments becomes easy and does not take long to search.

Diversity of area, many price segments, many choices

Many office leasing and management companies have invested extremely carefully in seeing the breakthrough in the region’s economic development. Therefore, just by choosing a reputable and quality company that provides office services for rent, you will easily find many ideal spaces at the most reasonable prices.

Rental prices vary by segment and office quality. From only $ 10/m2, from the smallest office to a few hundred square meters, we can still satisfy customers.

Points to keep in mind when deciding to rent an office around Phu Nhuan district

Points to keep in mind when deciding to rent an office around Phu Nhuan district

Convenient traffic location

Choosing a representative office location for lease on major and busy roads is a smart choice of talented business owners. Because there are so many competing businesses and services in the midst of the city chaos, the corporate office should be located in a place that is easy to find, easy to go for all means of transport. It is best to be able to search on google map – the smartest location search device today. Not only that, setting up an office in a busy place of the district will help many people pay attention, promote and attract new customers.


Since this is where you spend 8 hours a day, the choice of office space is very important. You can choose to rent in office buildings that are not too big, but you must ensure the cleanest – safest – most comfortable working space, common areas such as corridors, toilets, parking garages, etc. equipment such as fire protection systems, air conditioning, and elevators must be safe. Avoid cases of theft in the garage, or unexpected elevator problems.

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