Israeli companies need to find metal mold manufacturers in Vietnam

Israeli companies need to find metal mold manufacturers in Vietnam

Our company has an office in Shanghai and Hong-Kong since 1999. we took part in the production of one of the key components in the “world largest solar thermal project” located in Mohave desert USA- (40 minutes from Las Vegas).

Currently, Due to the “economic war” developing between China and the USA, we are concerned regarding future relations and the consequences in aspects of the tax, duties, and generally rising costs in China. this is why we are considering now moving our production activity to Vietnam.

Since we are careful and responsible business people we wish to progress towards our ultimate goal step by step.

Our Ultimate Goal: To produce in Vietnam Metal Moulds, Plastic parts, Aluminum cast and Machined parts, Electronics and assemble everything and then export to our clients in Israel, Europe, USA & Japan

I like to separate our entering to Vietnam to 4 stages:
1) Mold fabrication. We need your support to locate the mold manufacturer who can produce medium-sized mold. (please note that the plastic parts that will be produced by these molds will be used in one of those sectors: Medical, Industrial, communication.) -Once we decide with which of the suppliers we will work with, we will visit him, and then, we will proceed to the next stage:
2) Plastic injection: To produce plastic parts from those molds, we need to find a “plastic injection machine” located near the mold manufacture. -then, we will be able to supply our clients not only Metal mold but also plastic parts.
3) next step is locating PCBA suppliers ( electronics assembly )
4) Next step, locating Aluminum casting and machining suppliers. Lastly

Once we locate the right suppliers and we see that the communications are good, the quality is good and all runs smoothly, we will consider invest in our supplier’s facility and become partners for many years.

For more information, pls contact:
Mr. Boaz Horowitz, the Founder China-Direct Sourcing Ltd.
MP: +972 546260311
Email: boaz@cdg.global; doron@cdg.global

Source: Vietnam Trade Office in Isarel

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