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5 Star Hotel Saigon: New World Saigon

5 Star Hotel Saigon: New World Saigon

If visitors are intending to choose Ho Chi Minh City as a destination for their upcoming trip, you can refer to the information about New World 5 star hotel Saigon in this article. This is a resort with a remarkable history of activities and a series of high-class utility services.

Summary of New World 5 star hotel Saigon

Summary of New World 5 star hotel Saigon

New World Hotel Saigon started construction in 1991 and officially opened on October 8, 1994. Up to now, the hotel has had nearly 30 years of operation with many remarkable achievements. In particular, New World used to be the place to welcome many world-class figures. These include former US presidents such as George W.H. Bush in 1995, Clinton in 2000, George W. Bush in 2006…

After 5 years of continuous improvement and development, New World Saigon was recognized as a 5-star hotel by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism on February 25, 1999. On October 25, 2010, the hotel was officially renamed The New World Saigon Hotel with the logo of a mulberry fruit. This is an image symbolizing the culture of service and hospitality of the modern East.

Location and how to move to New World Saigon Hotel


New World Saigon Hotel is located at Le Lai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a convenient location when located in the busy center of the city. From here, it only takes 5 minutes to walk to Ben Thanh market which is close to large-scale shopping and entertainment areas.

In addition, visitors staying here can easily access famous tourist attractions such as Nha Rong Wharf, Mariamman Temple, Notre Dame Cathedral… If you want to enjoy the fresh air in the early morning, your Guests can also go to the 23/9 park to walk in the green space.

How to get to New World Saigon Hotel

The hotel is about 8km from Tan Son Nhat Airport and about 3km from Saigon station, so moving is not too difficult. Depending on your economic conditions as well as your schedule and preferences, guests can choose different types of vehicles.

Taxi, grab is the most optimal option because of fast travel time, and transparent price. In addition, if you want to save more, you can also take a bus from the airport, train station, or motorbike taxi. However, if you take the bus, you need to research the route in advance to avoid getting lost or getting off at the wrong stop.

Design style at New World 5 star hotel Saigon

Design style at New World 5 star hotel Saigon

New World Hotel Saigon owns a classic style combined with a very harmonious modern beauty. The whole is perfect right from the smallest detail: the interior color scheme, decorative items, pattern lines… all exude elegance, and splendor but no less sophistication. When appearing nearly 30 years ago, the hotel has been likened to a symbol of innovation in the busiest city in Vietnam. This shows special imprints on the appearance and architecture of this work.

After about 25 years of operation, the hotel has been invested in renovating the entire functional space. Everything is new with simple, delicate, and luxurious lines, clearly showing the class as it has been since its debut.

Outstanding utility service at New World Saigon Hotel

Outdoor swimming pool

The swimming pool at New World Saigon is one of the most famous swimming pools in District 1 in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general. Not only owning a beautiful and luxurious space, the quality of the swimming pool is also appreciated. Guests coming here will relax in the cool water and admire the panoramic view of green nature.

The swimming pool also includes different shallow and deep areas, so anyone can swim there. For those who love swimming, this is the ideal destination.

Spa area

What could be more wonderful than being able to relax in a peaceful space with health care treatments at the luxurious spa on the hotel premises? Visitors who need to beautify their skin and hair during their outing will be extremely pleased with the care packages here. Besides, the famous cosmetic line used in spas with high-class ingredients will bring the best effect.

Fitness Center

Guests can completely maintain their own exercise regime during their vacation with the Fitness Center at New World Saigon Hotel. The modern and modern equipment in the room will maximize your activities. Not only that, you can experience yoga classes by yourself or with a teacher.

In particular, the location right next to the cool green swimming pool helps visitors balance exercise and relaxation.

Bar – New World Saigon Restaurant

Those who love this luxurious combination will not be able to ignore the “rare and hard to find” place right in Saigon – Whisper Lounge & Bar within the New World Hotel. The eye-catching space, diverse menu, and professional service will help guests have endless relaxing moments. Whisper Lounge & Bar is not only suitable for romantic dates but also an ideal place for partner meetings or family gatherings.

Coming here, visitors will be served more than 10 types of fine wine, European dishes, and famous cheeses. Everything is meticulously processed from the talented and skillful hands of a team of chefs and bartenders with many years of experience. From the selection of ingredients to the processing method, the presentation brings peace of mind as well as a feeling of absolute satisfaction to diners.

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