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Features and Reasons To Rent an Office in District 7

Features and Reasons To Rent an Office in District 7

Currently, the demand of District 7 office tenants has many changes, so the office for lease has also been changing to meet the needs of the market. Therefore, businesses that want to find offices can be assured of this area’s quality and development potential.

Highlights of the office for lease in District 7

 Highlights of the office for lease in District 7

Well located

There are now many big real estate projects and there are many commercial and construction centers to meet the living and entertainment needs of people in that area and other staff working here.
The office for lease here always brings customers the comfort of daily life, food shops, cafes, convenience stores, supermarkets are always nearby. The employees always meet the employee’s needs. Infrastructure is invested a lot by the state. From District 7, it is easy to move to District 4, District 1, and Nha Be District. Phu My Bridge connects here with District 2, adding bridge and road projects under construction to make moving to District 7 easier than ever.

Suitable for businesses that want to save on budget

The problem often posed by SMEs is budget. Office for lease in District 7 is the most suitable choice for businesses that want to save costs. Office rental here is extremely favorable compared to other districts, but the quality is still guaranteed.
The rental price of office space for lease in grade B in district 7 ranges from 12 to 22 USD / m2. VP’s price is cheap from 7 to 11 USD / m2.
Offices here always have many office models, diverse in the area so that businesses can freely choose the type of office that suits the nature and needs of their work.

Other advantages of office for lease in District 7

District 7 has now become an urban area with strong growth and dynamic trading activities, VPCT attracts not only businesses who want to save costs for office rental, but it also attracts attract big businesses to high-end District 7 office rentals to assert their position and brand.
The field of office rental investment in District 7, Ho Chi Minh, and the real estate sector is invested a lot, from high-end apartment buildings, offices for lease, and high-rise buildings. , trade centers, large hotels, and restaurants to hospitals, roads …
District 7 is considered a land with great potential for economic development. Large companies with strong capital all choose offices for lease here as the location of their offices.

3 reasons to rent an office in District 7

3 reasons to rent an office in District 7

1. Strategic location

Located near the city center, District 7 is considered the southern gateway of the city. The North borders District 4, District 2. The South borders Nha Be District. East: border with district 2 and Dong Nai province. West: border with district 8 and Binh Chanh district.
In recent places, District 7 has been focused on investment in infrastructure development, road and waterway traffic, convenient to move. In Ho Chi Minh City, District 7 is considered a prime location, convenient transportation system, and clear strategic direction. At the same time, many utilities such as administrative agencies, finance, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, parks, play areas … are integrated into office buildings for lease, to meet the needs of customers…

2. Greenspace

District 7 is known as “Little Singapore”, is the area that owns a lot of green, clean and beautiful space in Ho Chi Minh City. The right choice for working in a comfortable, modern, and civilized environment.
The era of urbanization and modernization makes green spaces rarer than ever. Particularly here, there are two large parks, Ho Ban Nguyet with an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters and a park that extends Nam Vien with ​​45,000 square meters and internal park systems help bring fresh and airy air. , friendly with nature, improving the health and well-being of those who live and work here.

3. Diversified utilities

When you rent an office in District 7, you will not worry too much about utility services. Most of the facilities are located close to the buildings, apartments, helping to fully meet the needs of entertainment, shopping, learning, … Especially the health care system here is the best rated in Ho Chi Minh City because District 7 has many international standard hospitals and clinics such as FV Hospital, Tam Duc Heart Hospital, Mapple HealthCare, Lan Anh Dental Clinic, …
Not only that but also a source of clean food is guaranteed for everyone working in this area. Lotte Mart is one of the best quality supermarkets here, with 100% Korean investment, providing products imported from Korea and internationally, ensuring quality for users. . Besides, there are also CityMart, CoopMart, BigC, and large commercial centers like SC Vivo City, Cresent Mall, … offering more choices for everyone’s basic entertainment and dining needs.

With a fresh, modern, and comfortable living space, District 7 will be the best choice for companies and businesses that want to work in a green, clean and beautiful environment like a “Singapore miniature”.

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