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Complete Building Security Management System

Complete Building Security Management System

The building security management system is a system of interconnected devices to ensure absolute safety for residents. In addition, this system also helps the investor to save on the maximum cost of security management.

Parking control system in building security

Parking control system in building security

The building parking control system plays an important role in building management, helping the security team to manage customers’ vehicles more easily. Thanks to the combination of devices such as electromagnetic readers, automatic barriers, and receipt printers… that the parking management board’s vehicle control in the building becomes more accurate and efficient.

Moreover, the use of the parking control system also helps the building owner to save manpower and optimize the time of real estate management and operation of the building. Since then, the image of the building has also become more professional in the eyes of customers and residents.

Door area security monitoring system

To ensure door security, the management of office and apartment buildings should apply a monitoring system with a device to check with fingerprints, smart cards, or passwords… In this way, the exit Customers’ access, and residents will be controlled quickly and safely in the matter of property protection.

In addition, the management and operation of the apartment building can also detect theft and illegal intrusion thanks to the door security monitoring system. In particular, with the building combined with offices, by this system, the company will be able to apply the timekeeping of employees.

Elevator access control system

To ensure convenient and fast movement between customers or people living in the building, an elevator access control system should also be installed. Thanks to the elevator access control system such as camera equipment, the management board can easily check and handle illegal problems occurring in the building.

Alarm system and fire alarm in building security

Alarm system and fire alarm in building security

Alarm system, the fire alarm is one of the important systems to ensure the safety of the entire population of the building. By installing several fire alarm devices, alarm systems, monitoring software, etc., the management board will be able to quickly detect and handle unusual incidents occurring in the building.

You can find more about office organizational structure here: The Office Organizational Structure of Personnel

Time attendance management system

When a building is used as an office, the attendance management system will often be combined with the door security monitoring system. Thus, the office leasing company will be able to accurately record the entry and exit times of each employee thanks to this building management system.

In particular, the application of time attendance management systems also helps companies and enterprises secure their information and data. Moreover, the application of this security control system also helps the investor to easily control personnel in many areas at the same time.

Camera monitoring system


The camera surveillance system is considered an essential system in building security management. This system includes recording equipment, signal transmission, etc. to bring the most realistic and clear picture quality to the building security management.

With a surveillance camera system, the management board will be able to strictly control the security of the entire building, ensuring the implementation of a professional building management process. By monitoring the camera, the management can quickly detect the problem and find the fastest solution.

Basement access monitoring system

Some buildings are equipped with a basement management system to avoid the number of guests moving by mistake, getting lost, and being difficult to control. Moreover, the basement access management system also helps to stratify customers and employees or people living in the building.

Guest management system

Instead of using the traditional method of taking notes, many buildings now have an automated customer management system. In this way, customers can secure their information, and the building will also improve service quality, providing the best experience for residents.

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