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Bui Vien Walking Street: Saigon Night

Bui Vien Walking Street: Saigon Night

The name of Bui Vien walking street – a brand new pedestrian street in Saigon, attracts young people by its cheerful and bustling atmosphere, but also a diverse “food paradise” with countless delicious dishes. makes you not want to eat. Anyone traveling to Saigon – Ho Chi Minh must come here at least once.

Location of Bui Vien walking street

Location of Bui Vien walking street

Bui Vien West Street, also known as Bui Vien Walking Street or International Crossroads is a neighborhood located on De Tham, Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao, and Do Quang Dau streets, in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Bright.

When you come to Bui Vien walking street, you will enjoy “four free” including a toilet; WIFI; information, free visitor support, and a “free smile”. Every weekend, on Bui Vien Street, it is crowded with people, both Western and Ta. This street, along with De Tham and Pham Ngu Lao streets, is known as West Street. The neighborhood never sleeps, and the roadside shops never close.

Where does the name “Western Street” come from?

Before 1975, this place was called “International Crossroads”. This name is inherently not named on the map but is used to refer to the area of five streets around the workers’ theater. Those are 5 streets: Bui Vien (Bao Ho Thoai), De Tham (Dixmude), Do Quang Dau, Tran Hung Dao (Gallieni), Pham Ngu Lao (Colonel Grimmauld).

“Western Street” was coined by people later. Because this place has a lot of Western tourists from all over the world gathered. Most are backpackers. This street has long been extremely multicultural, and multi-national with many Asian, European, and American tourists.

Activities on Bui Vien West Street

Activities on Bui Vien West Street

Bui Vien Street will ban vehicles for a long way from De Tham to Do Quang Dau from 19 pm to 2 am the next day on two weekends to serve entertainment activities here. Therefore, if you want to go to Bui Vien walking street, you should go out in the evening and especially on weekends because this is when the street lights up, and the atmosphere is bustling and crowded with tourists from many different countries. , especially on weekends often take place with a lot of different art activities, many delicious dishes, and many food stalls.

On two weekends, Bui Vien West Street becomes busier than ever. Every night, Bui Vien suddenly becomes busier with all kinds of skin colors, hair, and languages. The bright lights and vibrant music emanating from the cafes, bars, and pubs along the two sides of the street make visitors feel extremely excited and excited.

The name “Western Street”, also has the characteristics of Westerners. That is, you can play comfortably at night, especially late at night and this place is likened to “the road that never sleeps in Saigon”. The display and decoration here are Western styles, and the eateries and restaurants will have English words for international guests.

In addition to bars and pubs, the beer bars on the sidewalks of the West Bui Vien neighborhood are equally crowded. People often choose to come to Bui Vien to sip beer bottles, confide, chat with friends, and then feel the atmosphere of Saigon at night.

At Bui Vien West Street, there are many unique and attractive entertainment and activities. The art performances from the sidewalk to the roadway attract the attention of many visitors, creating a very vibrant atmosphere. Coming to Bui Vien Street, do not miss the experience of sitting on the sidewalk sipping a little cold beer and then swaying to exciting tunes.
In addition, the tourism services here are also developed very diverse and rich with many types from bookstores, tours, and massage parlors to grocery stores.

What to eat in Bui Vien walking street

What to eat in Bui Vien walking street

Co Le Grilled Restaurant

Prominent in Bui Vien Street are grilled shops of all kinds from seafood, goats, beef, legs, wings, and grilled chicken gizzards, which must be mentioned, Co Le barbecue restaurant is located in the center of Bui Vien walking street. So it’s quite interesting when you have food here and can be bustling with people.

The food here is quite delicious, well seasoned, airy space, combined with low tables and chairs close together to create a feeling of closeness and intimacy. Grilled food is flavored with green chili salt and pepper. The price of each stick is only 10,000 VND. With only about 100,000 VND/person, you already have a full meal with your friends!

Bui Vien Beer

If Hanoi is famous for beer on Ta Hien Street, Bui Vien beer is best known by young people in Saigon. Along the pedestrian street are beer bars with relatively cheap prices. Gathering and chatting with friends and drinking a few cups of Bui Vien beer – a must-try experience when coming to Saigon.

Bui Vien snail

Another dish that receives a lot of attention when coming to Bui Vien West Street is snails. The most famous is the snail shop located at the end of Bui Vien Street with many kinds of fresh snails, big and small, in addition, there are crabs, and clams,…

Whole fruit smoothie

Whole fruit smoothie

If most people go to West Street to drink beer, there are also many people who come to drink smoothies. And smoothies in Bui Vien have to find the right Five Boys shop to be right. The reason is that the smoothies here have extra thick slices of fruit to stay in, so they are not only drinkable but also edible.

The smoothies here are very diverse with many unique mix-and-match styles to give diners unique mouth-watering drinks. At this smoothie shop, besides a smoothie, you can also order some crispy grilled octopus to sit and sip “chilling” with your friends in the evening. That’s why many young people come to Bui Vien, even if they don’t drink a drop of beer, they don’t even need to go to the bar to be happy!

Delicious street food

Talking Bui Vien Street is indispensable for street vendors because street vendors have sometimes become a way of life not only here, but anywhere in Vietnam. At Bui Vien, never worry about starving because every 2km, there are dozens of street vendors, they sell everything from fried corn, and confectionery to baked potatoes, then bread, clams, mussels, etc.

Walking around, it is not difficult to see street vendors selling all kinds of fresh and processed seafood; then came the bread (Vietnamese bread, Western bread), baked goods, dried squid, and even fresh fruit packed. The feeling that the new hawker stalls are the soul of Vietnamese streets, reminds me of Chatuchak and Chatsila night markets in Thailand. Also selling a variety of snacks, to savory foods, from popular dishes to four-way specialties.

Tofu – sugar water tofu

Tofu - sugar water tofu

This dish sounds simple, but it’s not for sale. But, when it comes to Bui Vien sugar tofu, people will definitely immediately remember the street vendor selling this dish located next to house number 169, which has been sold for many years, clearing goods every 5 hours and always crowded.

The tofu of the burden is soft, and fragrant with the smell of soybeans, even though it has been unchanged for many years. Coconut milk is viscous and greasy, and eaten with sugar water and a few chewy white pearls. Now, finding a delicious, fragrant, non-sticky tofu dish is not as easy as it was in the past. So Bui Vien’s tofu still retains this pure taste, no wonder why it is still crowded in the middle of the street, still only specializing in “hot trend” dishes.

Cong Coffee Bui Vien

If you walk along Bui Vien, you will see countless modern Western-style bars and cafes. However, Cong Coffee has appeared to create a special highlight in this busy street with many people and entertainment!

The shop is cool, brings the breath of old Hanoi, beautiful and quiet space, with a loft you can look down to see people walking on Bui Vien Street. The shop is suitable for those who want to sit alone, read a book or find relaxation in the soul. The menu here is diverse and rich for you to choose from. The drinks are quite delicious.

After reading this article, you will not regret traveling to Saigon.

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