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10 Modern Features to Seem For When Leasing A Serviced Office

10 Modern Features to Seem For When Leasing A Serviced Office

Modern features and conveniences are critical to your competitive edge. Tenants are checking out spaces where their workforce can operate at peak performance, with access to the tools and technologies which facilitate growth. As you assess your options, make sure you look for properties that understand this need. Building features and conveniences can make a huge difference in the technology and culture of your business. Fortunately, it is easy and easy to seek out a modernized commercial building, and lots of the updates below can still be within your price range. Consider these ten modern upgrades before you sign your lease:

1. Features: Improved WiFi

1. Features: Improved WiFi
WiFi often takes the number one spot on lists of the most popular amenities, and it deserves attention. In an increasingly digital landscape, access to a quick, reliable internet connection is indispensable for communication, information exchange, and other areas of business. If the connectivity in your commercial building needs improvement, you ought to put aside time to deal with the difficulty and request an upgrade.

2. Employee Lounge

An employee can’t maintain the same level of productivity without taking breaks now and then. A lounge area allows these employees to leave their workstation for a few brief moments and decompress from the stress and pressures of their day-to-day responsibilities. Space should feel open and inviting, with comfortable seating and enough square meter to host social mixers and other events.

3. Modern Aesthetic

The design of your commercial space matters, but it’s not always easy for the landowner to revamp. Fortunately, a few cosmetic touches can tell you whether the property has kept up with modern design principles. Make sure you ask about the age of the flooring, check for natural light, and gauge how flexible the building layout appears to be.

4. Features: Charge Ports

4. Features: Charge Ports
As the country continues its transition toward continuity, more people are adopting hybrid and fully-electric vehicles. When you account for this trend with charge ports, you’re cuddling modern solutions while appeasing environmentalists. You’re also creating another small, but a substantial stream of revenue, all through dedicating several spaces to plug-in vehicles — a smart trade-off given the value.

5. Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Building on the previous point, continuity is increasingly important to tenants searching for commercial properties. You should prioritize buildings with energy-efficient upgrades, little characteristics that help lessen their impact and lower their energy costs. The installation of the latest windows with low-emissivity coating or glazing is a superb place to start out, reducing energy loss for long-term savings.

6. Rooftop Deck

Theoretically similar to lounge areas, rooftop decks provide a place where employees can rest and relax in the middle of the day. Modern offices embrace outdoor options, whether you invest in something as simple as a low-cost patio or something more involved like a cafe with staff. Whatever you select, you’ll feel confident that your new office is ideal for your employees if it takes advantage of all its available space.

7. Features: Conference Facilities

7. Features: Conference Facilities
Many office buildings have meeting rooms that can accommodate an average group. While this is adequate, you’ll expand your office’s flexibility if you look for conference facilities, larger areas which won’t feel crowded when holding a greater number of people. Conference facilities with adjustable room sizes are one of the top office building amenities which will appeal to tenants who employ more workers than small to mid-sized businesses.

8. Fitness Center

While the prices of exercise equipment and renovations are admittedly steep, prioritizing a fitness center in your commercial property search is well well worth the investment. Many employees hold gym memberships outside of the office, so having a chance to jog on a treadmill or lift weights for fifteen minutes will improve employee satisfaction by a considerable margin. If you’re working with a larger budget, you should review your options.

9. Fast Turnstiles

When employees arrive at their workplace in the morning, they want to start their day on the right foot. An unreliable, cumbersome, or slow turnstile is an inconvenience that places them during a negative headspace. If your business employs turnstiles, you should make sure these touchpoints are quick and easy to use, not only for the employees and yourself but for the clients you’ll invite to the office.

10. Enhanced Security

You’ll want to keep your commercial property equipped with standard safety measures such as security cameras, gates, and similar devices. While these precautions are sufficient, you can always go above and beyond what other tenants have done and ask to install additional systems to protect your business and its occupants.

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