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Working Space Coffee: For Ho Chi Minh City Citizens

Working Space Coffee: For Ho Chi Minh City Citizens

Instead of sitting confined in the office every day, only 4 walls feel frustrating and ineffective. Instead, try to find office working space coffee that are spacious, quiet, and fully equipped to stimulate creativity at work. Here we will discover the hottest office cafes in Ho Chi Minh City today.

Think In A Box Study Space – working space coffee

Think In A Box Study Space - working space coffee

Located in the city center at Nguyen Khac Nhu, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City with full facilities. For the price, a person is only about 60-70k while eating and drinking, you can sit all day!

In particular, the restaurant is decorated quite beautifully, simple but eye-catching in terms of space, and design style. Customers mainly come here are intellectuals, students, and students, who come here to work and study.

If you want to choose a quiet working space in Ho Chi Minh City, this is a choice not to be missed. A quiet private space for you to study and focus on creativity and thinking.

Shin Coffee

Winning the hearts of young Saigonese even though only appeared for a short time. Shin Coffe is favored by many people associated with the name “The best coffeeshop in the town”.

Because Shin is a specialty coffee shop, for those who really love coffee. So, when you come here, you will experience your working space coffee knowledge very interestingly.

Although the shop is small, the customers come here quite a lot, mainly offices, students, and knowledge come here to work, exchange work, and study. This brings a modern, warm space from pure coffee cups.

M2C Cafe

M2C Cafe

Located right in the city center of District 1, convenient to move and easy to find. The restaurant is designed and arranged in a quiet, spacious, gentle, and polite space.

Beautifully decorated, both retro and modern. This is the perfect place to work and generate great ideas.

The price of water is quite high, but the menu is rich for users to choose from, especially the cute and enthusiastic service staff.

Banksy Studio Cafe

The space of the restaurant is designed quite impressively with black tones and impressive textures. At the same time, the shop gives a feeling of strength and personality right from the first time you come to the shop.

The shop is located on the 1st floor of the old apartment complex on Ton That Dam Street, Thai Binh Ward, District 1, which is also quite difficult to find. But the drinking water is very good, the staff is lovely and friendly to the guests.

Although the space is small, it is not restrictive but comfortable, the restaurant is decorated in harmony, mixing a bit of classic and modern. In particular, the quiet and warm atmosphere of the lights is very chosen by young people and office workers to work, discuss work and come up with creative ideas.

The Workshop – working space coffee

The Workshop - working space coffee

Located in the city center, The Workshop offers an extremely quiet space, comfortable for working or discussing group meetings.

Located on the upper floor of an old degraded apartment building, but the space inside is very artistic, very Western and modern, and beautifully designed with its name – The Workshop.

If you need to work in Ho Chi Minh City, you can sit at the table. On the contrary, if you need to relax, you can sit at the bar and watch the people here prepare and serve professionally and enthusiastically.

Drinks here are quite rich and varied, the bar is often crowded in the afternoon and weekend. Therefore, if you need to work, you should choose other days. In addition, for those who like to “live virtual”, you should sit near the window with a nice view, so you should call to book a table in advance.

The Loft

Located on Pasteur Street, District 1, The Loft is an impressive collection of restaurants and cafes. In particular, the shop is designed and decorated in a modern, professional, and beautiful way as soon as you enter the shop.

In particular, the restaurant has a rich menu, and most of the drinks are delicious, strange, and European-style. This is very suitable for many freelancers or office workers who choose to work, meet partners or discuss work.

In addition, the shop has many great virtual living views, and the location and the signature window are also plus points when coming to The Loft.

Work Cafe Saigon

Work Cafe Saigon

If you are looking for a working cafe, then Work Cafe Saigon is the perfect choice. Located on the 2nd floor of Bitexco tower, possessing a large area, with delicate, open, and airy architecture. Although crowded, it is extremely quiet, very suitable for those who like to be alone to work and read.

Not only attracting the space, but Work Cafe also sells specialty coffee with brewing styles that help to produce a perfect output with delicious taste.

Especially, when you come to Work Cafe, you can freely surf the web and explore the huge bookcase here. Therefore, Work Cafe is an interesting and suitable place for “office people” who need to work.

Coffee nest

Located at Nguyen Van Thu Street, Da Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, it is easy to find and convenient to travel.

The shop is designed and decorated in a classic style, including old books, bold old tables, and chairs, but brings a quiet and airy feeling. This makes it easy and convenient for you to enjoy working coffee while exchanging work.

Although the space is difficult and small, thanks to the gentle melodies of too and the available quietness, it brings a pleasant feeling, attracting a large number of customers to the Coffee House.

In particular, the menu here is quite beautiful and rich, the quality of the food and drinks is delicious, and the quality is quite good and suitable for the price.

Another plus point of the shop is the friendly staff, and enthusiastic service to help you have a great feeling when coming to the coffee group.

Office working space Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City – The Coffee House

Office working space Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City – The Coffee House

The famous coffee chain The Coffee House is a familiar destination for young people in Saigon and is chosen by them as a quiet ideal place to enjoy coffee and work and exchange.

With an eye-catching, modern design, and an open, professional, and luxurious space, suitable for office workers looking for ideas, working, and creating or meeting partners.

Not only that, with only the price of drinking water from 35,000 – 60,000 VND, you can experience the chain of workspaces all day without getting bored.

Bang Khuong Cafe

The plus point at Bang Khuong Cafe is that the space is designed and decorated quietly, especially the address in the city center is easy to find and convenient to travel to.

The shop was born for those who are “connoisseurs” of coffee and like to chat, work, read books, and exchange weekends with friends. Moreover, this is also a “cool” virtual living place for today’s young people.

In addition, the price of drinks here is quite reasonable and affordable for working people and freelancers. Coming to Quan, you will meet the enthusiastic owner, comfortable to chat with guests.

Although the space is darker because of the vintage-style decor, Bung Khuang Cafe is still a suitable choice for those who are looking for a comfortable space to work.

In addition, besides the above cafes, you can experience the shared office model at reputable office service providers.

The office space is decorated in an open and creative style that will help you find inspiration at work. This model is being loved by many Freelancers and Startups due to its flexibility. Therefore, if you want to refresh your work, this will also be a good choice.

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