Nigerian enterprise needs to import heat-resistant and reflective clothing

The company “Milary Nigeria Ltd”, needs to import heat-resistant and reflective clothing.


Milary Nigeria Ltd needs to import:

– Flame resistant clothing;
– High visibility clothing;
– Two-piece sets of Rain Coat, Reflective and Non-reflective (Reflective and non-reflective raincoat);
– Reflective Waistcoat (Reflective Waistcoat)

Domestic companies that are able to provide, please contact:

Milary Nigeria Ltd
10, Oshifila Street, Anifowoshe, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

Mr. Yomi Mulero
Managing Director

MP / WhatsApp: +234 803 330 4680; +234 0803 714 5329
Email: milarymilary@yahoo.com; milaryltd@gmail.com; kemiopy@gmail.com

– Please send the first email to the Trade Office (ng@moit.gov.vn) so that the partner knows the source of information, do not ask again;
– After sending the email, offer to text and call WhatsApp to partner;
– Enterprises in Africa do not use Zalo, WeChat.

– To avoid risks, domestic exporters must request importers to accept payments by irrevocable letters of credit (Irrevocable Letter of Credit, at sight, abbreviated as L / C).
– Telegraphic Transfer (T / T) payment is not accepted with deferred payment of 50% (70%) after receiving the goods;
– Do not use the form of payment “Thanks for deferred payment – Documents Against Acceptance (D / A)”;
– The exporting enterprise shall be responsible for any loss, if it fails to comply with the above guidance of the Trade Office.

Source: Vietnam Trade Office in Nigeria

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