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1 . Furniture Making and Remodeling

Furniture Making and Remodeling

Furniture making is a good business because almost everyone is focusing on decoration. Many companies and businesses have taken advantage of wood and labor resources from Vietnam to create sophisticated and luxurious interior furniture.

2 . Garment and Textile Products

Garment and Textile Products

You can invest in production lines with low cost and cheap labor. In addition, the demand for fashion among the young generation in the country is very high, young clothes are both trendy and affordable to customers and can be sold in the domestic and international markets.  You can become a fabric retailer or start an online clothing store. All these businesses are equally profitable.

3 . Construction and Building Materials

Construction and Building Materials

There are many building materials that you can sell such as cement, roofing materials, and home decoration materials. You can also start a business in construction services such as painting services, plumbing, home decoration, home improvement, HVAC installation, and repair among many other areas.

In addition, the demand for housing construction in Vietnam is very high, creating opportunities for investors to build their own markets.

4 . Detergents and cosmetics

Detergents and cosmetics

Detergents are used by most people for laundry and household cleaning. There are many brands of detergents but that doesn’t mean you can’t think of something unique and different. There is always a need for something unique, out of the ordinary and that solves challenges.

Although the market is relatively small, growth in most beauty and body care products is expected to continue to expand over the next decade as the country moves into the middle-income category. . This is really a great opportunity for investors looking at the integration in this business field. Foreign companies can take advantage of natural aromatherapy to produce and trade in cosmetics in Vietnam when the demand for beauty is increasing.

5 . Agricultural Products Processing

Agricultural Products Processing

Any business in the food industry will always make a sale as long as the business owner uses the right strategy to promote and market the business. Processing agricultural products, including afforestation, animal husbandry, can be complementary. Vietnam’s environmental conditions are very suitable for fruit trees or industrial trees. Foreign investors can use natural resources such as land, water, weather, … to create farms, produce agricultural products. You can always find an agricultural product that you can process for sale and export.

6 . Exportation


Vietnam exports a lot of products like rice which is a world staple, coffee, Crude oil, footwear, rubber, electronics, and seafood; there are just so many things that you can sell to buyers from other countries. To get international buyers, you’ll attend an internet site like Alibaba.com and a number of other e-commerce websites; you’ll find tons of individuals looking to shop for stuff from Vietnam.

7 . Real Estate

Real Estate

Another profitable business you can start in Vietnam is building/buying real estate for resale. With the number of foreigners and immigrants entering Vietnam, real estate is a business you will not regret. You can buy second-hand property for renovations and resale; You can build blocks of offices for rent or small housing units for rent.

However, real estate is an expensive business because you need a lot of capital to invest in real estate. But that is not a completely hopeless situation for a short-term investor, as you can still get into the real estate business by becoming a real estate manager or real estate broker. You can earn commissions for these services.

8 . Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars

Vietnamese people love delicious food and drinks, they are willing to pay high fees for a good restaurant. If you love investing in entertainment, starting a restaurant and bar is a very profitable niche in the industry.

9 . Logistics / transportation

Logistics / transportation

The rapid growth of Vietnam’s export-oriented manufacturing sector has spurred demand for logistics services. However, the local logistics sector hardly meets the demand. Therefore, many foreign enterprises are now looking for opportunities to enter this field.

In order to enhance Vietnam’s logistics sector and develop sustainably, the govt creates a legal framework to standardize services, upgrade infrastructure, and improve the standard of human resources, in order to attract foreign investment.

10 . Car business

Car business

The car business is attracting investment in Vietnam. People in need of travel, need high security. Having conditions on warranty and maintenance facilities, including requirements for workshops, warehouses, equipment, tools, human resources, quality management system, fire prevention and protection mechanisms the environment, labor safety, and environmental sanitation in accordance with the law.

Source: VNL

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