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Introducing our partner Morocco who needs to import agricultural products

Introducing our partner Morocco who needs to import agricultural products

The Moroccan deal would like to send to interested enterprises the contacts of some partners about agricultural products.

1. SAHARA SA Company
Address: 28, Rue Ibn Ghazala Bd Ibn Tachfine, 20300, Casablanca, Morocco.
Director: Mr. Ahmed Astaib
Phone: (+212) 0522621212/0661135200
Email: mohamed.astaib @ astagroupe.com
Interested: Import and export of coffee of all kinds.

2. COMINTER company
Address: Rue Soumaya Residence Shehrazade 3 Palmiers 20000, Casablanca, Morocco.
Director: Mr. Mohamed Lahlou
Phone: (+212) 666310002
Email: cominter.ma @ gmail.com
Attention: Import and export of cashew nuts.

3. TRANFOLIM Company
Director: Mr. Badaoui Mad
Phone: (+212) 0606290629
Interested: Imported coffee and pepper.

4. SEDECO Company
Address: 173, Immeuble Al Yamama B, 1 er Etage, App 1, Boulevard Abdelmoumen, Casablanca, Morocco.
Director: Ms Amina Majdoul
Phone: (+212) 0661521205/0522274101
Email: sweet.kadiri@gmail.com
Interested: Cooperation in importing dragon fruit tree varieties.

During the exchange contact, to avoid risks, exporters should pay attention to apply the risk reduction measures recommended by the Moroccan Trade in the previous news posted on the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Website. and foreign market site vietnamexport.com (the Moroccan market profile).

Some risk mitigation measures can be considered as follows: (The Moroccan deal has listed the following risk mitigation measures many times but there is still an unfortunate problem with exporting enterprises.)
– Right from the beginning, it is required to ask the buyer to send legal documents of the business such as business registration, address, tax code … to have full information about customers for verification. business or in the event of a problem, can file a lawsuit against non-compliance partners in a commercial court.
– In order to increase compliance with commitments and reliability, it is required to require partners to purchase high deposits, at least 25% of the value of the shipment.
– Absolutely not forward to the partner to buy any amount of money at their request for any reason.
– For the contract signed by email and the appendix should pay special attention to signatures and seals because it may be forged collage, especially intermediary contracts.
– Do not send the customer the original copy of shipping bill of lading because customers can use fake color printer, while customs are exempt from verifying true / fake records, only checking enough documents is possible for customs clearance.
– Transport contract with a reputable shipping company, binding responsibility for shipping lines to use the services of a reputable forwarding company at the port of destination.
– Use a reputable bank, the address of the destination bank is at least branch level and must be based in one of the three cities Rabat, Casablanca or Tanger. Do not specify the destination bank address as the dealer in the locality at the request of the customer, causing difficulties in handling when problems related to the shipment.
– When identifying a problem, it is necessary to contact the relevant agencies early to have the best solution, to avoid causing damage to the enterprise even further, in some cases it cannot be handled.

Source: Moroccan deal

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