Administrative Procedures When Renting And Returning An Office

Administrative Procedures When Renting And Returning An Office

After finding an office like that, the next thing to do, office tenants need to pay special attention that is the administrative procedures when renting and returning the office. Therefore, in this article, we will go together to find out what those administrative procedures are.

Administrative Procedures When Renting And Returning Office


1. Administrative procedures when renting the office

To ensure the rights and obligations of both parties, renting and leasing offices, currently according to the law when renting and returning the office will have the following documents:

– Office lease contract (made in two copies, each party keeps one copy)

– The minutes of contract liquidation (used when the office lease contract expires or either party does not have the need to rent or lease any more)

– Appendix attached office lease contract (if any)

– Ownership papers, certificates of the legal use of the office, the building for lease (the office lessor)

Above are some of the most basic legal documents when renting or returning an office, depending on the request of the unit that has an office for lease in Ho Chi Minh, or the unit that rents an office, there are other additional documents. However, the most important document when renting an office is the lease. And for everyone to better understand this legal document we will find out in the next section of the article.

2. Main contents of the office lease contract in Administrative Procedures

2. Main contents of the office lease contract in Administrative Procedures


The main office lease is an administrative document that states all the terms and conditions that are bound by the office lessor and the lessee. And office lease contracts are usually given to a third party, a lawyer, to check the whole thing before the two parties sign to ensure benefits for both.

– Office rental price

This section will give the office rental price, but there are many office units for rent in Ho Chi Minh in particular, and the country in general drafting this term of the contract is not clear, for example, they offer a common rental. per square meter, it includes shared spaces such as hallways and elevators. Therefore, as the office leasing unit, you need to note this clause in the contract.

– Office leasing time

Administrative Procedures's Office lease time

Most office for lease wants long-term stable tenants. However, there are many businesses, especially new ones, that do not want to permanently hire in one location. Therefore, the lessee should pay attention to the terms when renting a short-term office, paying the premises ahead of time, as well as the lessee who is required to claim ground before the contract term …

– Some contents in other office leasing contracts

Cost of maintenance of equipment in shared areas of the building

Expenses when the enterprise hires to work outside office hours …


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