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Lim Tower Office Leasing in HCMC

Lim Tower Office Leasing in HCMC

Lim Tower is the name for a Grade A office leasing complex located in the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City invested in and built by Hoa Lam Group. Built-in turn, Lim Tower 1, Lim Tower 2 and so far plus Lim Tower 3, the group has provided the city with thousands of leased areas from large to small which are divided flexibly.

Building location and advantages Lim Tower office leasing

Building location and advantages Lim Tower office leasing

Lim Tower is located on the super prime artery of Ton Duc Thang, currently, there are 3 construction investment items of trillion VND:

  • Thu Thiem Bridge 2 with investment capital of 3,082 billion: North across the Saigon River connecting Thu Thiem urban area. With artistic lighting design, the bridge will be an outstanding architectural highlight day and night on the Saigon River and between the two cities.
  • Ba Son Underground Station: The station of Metro line 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien is located at the foot of Thu Thiem 2 bridge and in front of Ton Duc Thang, a premise for commercial development at Bach Dang port.
  • Bach Dang Port Park: 23,400 m2 wide, connecting from Ba Son station along Ton Duc Thang street, including 3 tourist areas, a historical memorial, and a community park.

These three projects have promoted the development of the first branded residences market in Vietnam on Ton Duc Thang street. Typically, Grand Marina Saigon, invested by Masterise Homes, has made the area the center of attraction for many investors, creating ever more prosperous development.

Convenient to move

Whether on any street or from any building, office leasing residents also enjoy the advantage of convenient transportation and very few traffic jam even during peak hours. Because all 3 buildings are located next to a large 2-way street.

Modern infrastructure

Despite the different locations, all 3 Lim Towers have a prime position in the strategic center of the city government. Therefore, not only the roads are invested, but the surrounding landscape and public facilities are also extremely modern and clean.

Convergence of utilities

Thanks to the advantage of location, around all 3 office buildings Lim Tower 1-2-3 is fully converged with essential trendy living and entertainment facilities such as restaurants, cafes, fashion, shopping centers, etc. Parks, bus stops, hospitals, schools…

Business Connection

It can be said that District 1 and District 3 are easy to connect to create a quick connection for 3 Lim Tower buildings, moreover, around each separate building, there are also many office buildings and financial transaction banks. main, private house company….

Scale & design of the Lim Tower building office leasing

Scale & design of the Lim Tower building office leasing

The scale of the Lim Tower building:

  • The building was put into operation on 7/2013 with an investment capital of 25 million USD and a total usable area of up to 33,300m2.
  • The building consists of 35 floors and a floor area of 792m2
  • The area of each floor is divided flexibly, meeting most of the sizes of small and medium enterprises: 100m2, 200m2, 300m2, 500m2 to 700m2

Design workspace:

Office design follows the open trend, with a direct view of the Saigon River, so office leasing decor in any style will make the space extremely classy and professional.

The façade system of the whole building has made the workspace soundproof and effective against ultraviolet rays. The highlight is the patterned texture on the glass surface which makes the light the best when working for a long time.

Services at Lim Tower office leasing

Standard services inside the Lim Tower building:

  • System of 9 high-speed Mitsubishi elevators, of which: 4 passenger elevators for low floors & 4 passenger elevators for high floors & 1 cargo lift
  • System of 3 emergency stairs
  • Central air conditioning system
  • 220/380V 3-phase power system to save maximum power
  • Backup generator with 100% Kohler efficiency

Services outside the building:

  • Large bank branches such as ANZ Bank, Techcombank are right in the building, Vietinbank, VP bank Ben Thanh…
  • Ho Chi Minh City State Treasury 5 minutes by car
  • The State Bank of Vietnam 6 minutes by car
  • Next to the People’s Committee of Ben Nghe Ward
  • High-class cafe restaurant system: The Hummingbird Saigon, Gyumaru, Coco Ichibanya…

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