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Time to Issue Office Lease Invoice

Time to Issue Office Lease Invoice

The issuance of office lease invoices will be done by the lessor. So when is the time to issue the office rental invoice? When issuing an office rental invoice, what issues should the lessor need to pay attention to?

VAT of office lease invoice

VAT of office lease invoice

A VAT invoice, also known as a VAT invoice, is an official and official invoice issued by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam. This invoice is for organizations and individuals, especially for businesses in declaring and calculating tax by the deduction method in business activities, trading services, and domestic transportation activities. According to regulations, the VAT invoice will clearly state the following items:

  • Name, address
  • Tax identification number of the seller/buyer; lessor/tenant (if any)
  • List of goods and services
  • Transaction execution date
  • The total value of goods and services
  • Value for VAT calculation
  • VAT rate and VAT value

According to popular calling, VAT invoices are also considered as red invoices. The name comes from the color of the bill. Contact invoices delivered to customers are usually red or pink. Those in charge of issuing office rental invoices cannot ignore learning about this VAT invoice.

Sales Invoice

In addition to the VAT invoice, the sales invoice also plays an important role. This is a written request to pay for items with quantities and unit prices that list each item in detail.

Time to issue office lease invoice

Time to issue office lease invoice

Sales invoices are usually issued by the seller. The office rental invoice, it will be issued by the lessor. The time of issuing the invoice is after the lessor pays the deposit or rent according to the contract, the lessor will confirm on the invoice, for example, stamp the payment certificate. At this point, this sales invoice integrates the same effect as a receipt or a payment receipt.

With VAT invoices, the time to issue invoices is as follows:

  • For goods sale activities: VAT invoices are written when transferring the right to use goods.
  • For service provision activities: VAT invoices can be written when the service is completed or when money is collected (in case the money is collected in advance).

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