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5 Positions Consumption of Fortune in the Workplace

5 Positions Consumption of Fortune in the Workplace

The sitting position at your workplace has certain effects on both your career and health, if you don’t find a way to adjust it in the new year, your career will be affected, and your health will be difficult to settle down.

Location opposite the entrance in the workplace

Location opposite the entrance in the workplace

The gate is the facade of a unit, and the gate is also the entrance to the property, energy, popularity of the unit/company… All good and bad things will be replaced through the gate, So if you are sitting in your workplace, the official position is straight, if you open the door, your fortune will be consumed.

From a scientific point of view that we can understand, the position of the gate is usually the position of the air outlet, if your seat is directly facing the gate, the wind will pass through, and the air will be directed at you, this also is a threat to your health. So, if there is no other way, you can also put some bonsai or screen in front of the seat to block it.

Do not sit in the back door or aisle in your workplace

The position of the back door or the aisle is also a place where there is a lot of airflows, sitting in these positions you must always remind yourself that there will be people or sudden airflow behind, you will always be in a state of anxiety. and can’t concentrate.

Not only affects work efficiency, but also mental stress, forgetfulness, and frequent mistakes. From time to time, there will be problems of wealth in your work and your health.

Position facing the front wall

If the seat is directly facing the wall, on the one hand, the rear is isolated, helpless with no support, on the other hand, it is blocked by the front wall, which will bring you a feeling of extreme disappointment…

In this way, you will always feel stressed and oppressed, your subconscious will always be surrounded by feelings of insecurity and anxiety, your work will be more difficult. And sitting in a position for a long time, your personality will become weak, depressed, not good for health.

Do not sit directly opposite the toilet door in your workplace

Do not sit directly opposite the toilet door in your workplace

The toilet is your workplace to hide dirt, as well as an outlet for all dirty gas. Such a position itself is very dirty, for health, sitting for a long time in such a place is easy to make sick people sick, and even affects work morale and work decline.

Due to sitting in this position for a long time, it can be contaminated with bacteria, from a lucky position that also affects your luck, making fortune decline. Similar to the location of the toilet, there are also trash cans around, so it is difficult for you to avoid odors and pollution. This also greatly affects your mental and physical health.

Sitting behind the copier

As an item with strong magnetic field radiation, the copier has a high capacity of use; If you sit for a long time behind the copier, facing the exhaust port, the special smell of powdered toner will make you dizzy and nauseous.

Noise pollution will also make people unable to concentrate on work, and at the same time, the magnetic field and radiation of the photocopier will bring many harmful effects to your fortune, physical and mental health… You don’t need necessary to stay away, but also should not sit opposite the copier.

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