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Information Processing Process In The Enterprise

Information Processing Process In The Enterprise

The job of the administrative administrator to do is to process information in and out of the enterprise.

What is information?

What is information?

Information is all news, events, facts, phenomena, ideas, judgments, etc. that increase human understanding. In management activities, is what managers need for decision-making.


  • To ensure that the information transmitted is accurate and not misleading.
  • To provide specific instructions to the departments on the method of transmission and processing.


This process applies to the reporting and handling of information / daily work of the Company, specifically including the following types of it:

  • From outside into the company and from the company out.
  • Is communicated between departments to solve work according to functions.
  • From the Board of Directors is directed to the departments.


Principles of information transmission and processing.

  • Information can be communicated through various forms such as phone, fax, email, face-to-face…
  • For important work, the sender of the information must ensure that the recipient has received it and must call or meet in person to ask if they have received it or not? The types of it when sending often have to be confirmed by phone are: mailing, sending mail.
  • The delivery of documents must have proof of delivery through the official dispatch book form…
  • After receiving the information, it must be processed within 30 minutes, in case of urgency, it must be transferred within the same day, not the next day.
  • When receiving it, the receiving department is required to immediately respond to the transfer department. If it is not possible to do it by the deadline, there must be feedback for the department/individual to deliver the arrangement.

Methods of dealing with different types of information:

Methods of dealing with different types of information:

Information from outside the company.

  • For information that is official letters and letters from outside, the clerical staff should enter the incoming dispatch book according to the form, then determine which department needs to be transferred to, and if it is transferred to the department, they must request the recipient. sign the incoming dispatch book.
  • With other information by phone, in case it is necessary to process it related to other departments – individuals, the clerical staff records it in the book according to the form, and pass on to the person in need. The transfer of important must require the recipient to sign the settlement book and process it according to the form.
  • With information by mail.
  • Incoming mail: When receiving mail, staff records the content of the mail in the incoming dispatch book, prints the mail in two copies, one copy is kept for record and the other is forwarded to the recipient, asking the recipient to sign the incoming dispatch book…
  • Send an email: In case of sending email to guests, the clerical staff draft the content, send the draft content to the person who needs to send confirmation by signing. Then send the required content, print 1 copy of the sent email to send it back to the sender, copy the sent email, the destination with the content confirmed by the signature above, and save the file.
  • In the case of direct mail sent out by individuals, not through a letter, that individual will directly deal with it.

Information from inside the company to the outside.

  • The information transferred from the inside to the outside includes all kinds of it sent by letters and sent directly to the outside by individuals and departments of the company.
  • Information sent directly to the outside by departments is managed and controlled by that department according to the above principles.
  • In case the letter is sent to the outside, the following requirements must be complied with: must save evidence of the process of transferring to the outside, such as a delivery note to the courier unit…
  • All contents of controlling dispatches outside the company must be recorded according to the form of the dispatch book.

Information from one department to another.

  • Departmental includes transferred outside the company, it transmitted through correspondence, transferred to the Director, transferred to other departments and individuals in the company.
  • When transferring it, it must be in the form of documents such as dispatches, notices, faxes, or forms under relevant professional processes.

Information provided by the Director:

  • For the information deployed by the Board of Directors, department managers are responsible for fully deploying it to employees.
  • Immediately after implementation, everyone participating in the meeting must sign and manage the confirmation at the end of the minutes (recorded in the meeting book of the room).

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