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Pantry And Benefits Of Owning Pantry In The Office

Pantry And Benefits Of Owning Pantry In The Office

Office interior design in addition to the main areas such as the director’s room, meeting room, staff room,… the pantry area is also very noticeable. Because the area to be used as a pantry area is not too large compared to the overall office space, the benefits it brings are unimaginable.

1. What is an office pantry?

1. What is an office pantry?

Pantry room for office, also abbreviated as pantry office. Pantry here can simply be understood as a bar or a small kitchen with all the necessary items and furniture in a self-service model. This is a place for office workers to eat and relax after stressful working hours. Nowadays, the pantry is more and more popularly used with different functions. A modern office needs a pantry to serve the needs of employees as well as create brand value.

2. What are the characteristics of an office pantry?

Usually, we can recognize the pantry room thanks to the following basic characteristics:

  • Fully equipped with equipment for dining needs such as refrigerator, microwave oven, sink, water purifier, food cabinet, cupboard for dishes.
  • Tools used to prepare such as super-speed kettle, blender, coffee machine.
  • Tables and chairs for dining.

For businesses who want to invest more in the pantry area to use this area as a place to relax, they can equip more equipment such as:

  • Arrange tables and chairs in groups and individual tables to bring experiences tailored to the needs of each user.
  • Equipment to support relaxation and entertainment needs: projector, magazine, sound system, billiard table, model football, table tennis table, chess set, chess …
  • In addition, it is possible to build miniatures in the area by planting trees, decorating fish tanks, … turning this place into a space different from the working area.
  • Today’s design trends often bring pantry design ideas in an open space model that promotes connection and exchange.

Depending on the style and spirit of each company, choose light or colorful colors to stimulate the eye and create the most pleasant feeling for the experiencer.

3. Why does the modern office need a pantry?

Pantry is no stranger to businesses in developed countries, but it is only popular with Vietnamese companies, especially those that need to attract young employees. Every employee spends at least 8 hours a day at the office, do they feel interested in the space between the 4 walls and the computer screen for 8 hours? That is the main reason for the appearance of the area.

The pantry area is really necessary for office workers because in addition to time to focus on work, they need a place to relax, regain inspiration and more importantly recharge to work better…

Besides, your employees also need an area to eat instead of eating at the desk because the smell of food will affect the people around and the working space. Equipping a dining table in the area helps to make the image of employees and the company much more professional.

4. Benefits of owning a pantry in the office?

4. Benefits of owning a pantry in the office?

Firstly, the pantry creates a space for employees to rest, relax and interact.

In addition to companies that work 8 hours a day, some companies regularly work overtime. Then, the area is a useful solution when creating a resting place to relieve fatigue.

In addition, employees can meet colleagues, play games together, communicate and increase interaction at the area. This is also a factor contributing to building corporate culture, building a solid and united company.

Secondly, the pantry design in the office shows the company’s interest in its employees.

The well-designed pantry area will make employees happy. Thereby, they feel the concern of business leaders in physical and spiritual life. This builds employee trust in the company and stimulates the need to contribute more.

Third, the pantry helps improve employee productivity.

The majority of office workers overcome the pressure and solve difficulties after thinking in the pantry without mental problems. Therefore, it has a great influence on employee productivity. From there, it proves the importance and shows that businesses should invest in the area.

Fourth, the pantry creates a close working space for employees.

It can be said that employees spend more time at the company than they do at home. Therefore, building an office full of elements to meet the needs of daily life makes employees more comfortable, creates a sense of peace of mind, and promotes higher work performance. Especially, after implementing Work from home during the quarantine period, most workers have adapted to working from home. Having a pantry is what makes your employees more excited to return to the office.

The fifth, pantry helps to increase brand value.

Enterprises express their own culture and brand values through the interior design of office pantry space. This will help make an impression on new candidates, making the hiring process easier. Along with that, it can also become a place to welcome partners, helping to reduce stress during negotiations. This is also a marketing step to help promote the brand more widely.

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