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Renting in Vietnam: Regulations

Renting in Vietnam: Regulations

Office reimbursement renting in Vietnam also has its own laws that the rental business and the border must misbehave with. So what are those regulations, the following composition will list the issues girding the vittles of Vietnamese law on services for rent and office reimbursement services.

Regulations on office reimbursement renting in Vietnam

Regulations on office reimbursement renting in Vietnam

The office reimbursement business belongs to the group of real estate business, is one of 243 tentative business lines, and is also a group of legal capital.

The Enterprise Law 2014 easily stipulates that enterprises don’t have to prove their capital when establishing a business or adding a real estate business line, but must maintain the legal capital during the business period. Specifically:

  • Associations and individualities doing real estate business must establish an enterprise or a collaborative( hereinafter appertained to as an enterprise) and have a legal capital of not lower than 20 billion VND, except for the case specified in Clause 2 of this Composition. This.
  • Associations, homes, and individualities that vend transfer, parcel, or parcel-purchase real estate on a small or irregular base aren’t needed to establish an enterprise but must declare and pay duty in agreement with the law.

Legal Regulations on office renting in Vietnam

Legal Regulations on office renting in Vietnam

Pursuant to the vittles of law the border and the office leasing party agree on the terms, regulations, rights, and scores of each party in the process of cooperation between the two parties. This is formalized by a voluntary agreement between the two parties. There are vittles that harmonize the interests and interests of both sides. Between the business and the structure proprietor. This will also be important legal substantiation. Set up according to the regulations of the State and handled when there’s a disagreement. Both the office leasing unit and the representative, office leasing association must understand the following introductory vittles

Office parcel contract regulations

It’s obligatory to have an office parcel contract inked between the letter and the border. The details of the contract should state the obligatory terms similar to the rights and scores of each party, and the term of office reimbursement.

Business conditions for office leasing

Business conditions for office leasing

Applicable regulations on business conditions for services for parcel

  • Papers 119 and 146 of Decree No. 181/ 2004/ND-CP on the perpetration of the Land Law. The land uses right parcel contract must be certified by a notary. The land uses right parcel contract takes effect from the time of enrollment at the Land Use Right Registration Office.
  • According to Composition 149 of Decree No. 181/ 2004/ND-CP on the order and procedures for enrollment of leasing land use rights. The letter of the land use right shall submit a set of documents including Inked land use right parcel contract; instruments of land use rights.

Within 5 working days from the date of damage of complete and valid dossiers. The land uses rights enrollment office is responsible for carrying out the procedures for enrollment of the parcel of land use rights. Go to the cadastral train and correct the issued land use right instrument. Or carry out the procedures for granting a land use right instrument in case a new instrument is needed.

Which, there are some issues to note similar as” Can I use the apartment structure as a business office or use a private house as a representative office?.”. These specific issues are each regulated by law. Specifically:

Business conditions for office leasing

The Housing Law 2014 prohibits “ using the apartment for non-residential purposes ”. In addition, Clause 11 Composition 6 of the Law on Housing 2014 also stipulates” It’s interdicted to use the business area in the apartment structure under the approved design for the purpose of trading ignitable and explosive accouterments, doing business. furnishing services that contaminate the terrain, noise, or other conditioning that affect the lives of homes and individualities in the apartment structure in agreement with the Government’s regulations. thus, it’s illegal to use the apartment structure to live as an office renting in Vietnam.

In Clause 7, Composition 80 of Decree 99/ 2015/ND-CP detailing and guiding the perpetration of a number of papers of the Law on Housing, it’s stated “ In case the business enrollment paper is issued by a competent authority If an apartment structure is used as a business position before the effective date of the Law on Housing, the association, ménage or existent that’s granted this business enrollment paper must change its business conditioning to another position other than an apartment structure within 6 months from the effective date of this Decree ”.

According to the below Decree, from December 10, 2015, associations, homes, and individualities who have been doing business in apartments for living purposes must move their business conditioning to a place other than apartments. in 6 months. After June 10, 2016, all business conditioning in the apartment is considered illegal.

Above are the regulations, detailed information on the vittles of the law on services for parcels is collected from numerous dependable sources of information in the press and law services.

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Q: What are the legal requirements for lease contracts in Vietnam?

Vietnam has specific legal requirements for lease contracts, such as registration with the local authority and the inclusion of certain clauses, including those related to rent adjustment, termination, and dispute resolution.

Q: What are the different types of lease contracts available in Vietnam?

There are several types of lease contracts available in Vietnam, including commercial office leasing, co-working space lease contracts, and business center lease contracts.

Q: What is an office lease contract?

An office lease contract is a legally binding agreement between a landlord and a tenant, which sets out the terms and conditions for renting office space.



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