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Cantavil Premier Building

Cantavil Premier Building - Xa Lo Ha Noi, District 2, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Cantavil Premier Building is an office for lease in Xa Lo Ha Noi Street, District 2 (Thu Duc District), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. LOOKOFFICE will bring you one of the key office buildings in District 2 with many services and amenities.

Introduction About Office Space Cantavil Premier Building

Cantavil Premier Building Topic - lookoffice.vn

To start with, Cantavil Premier Building is a high-end complex invested and develop by Daewon Thu Duc Housing Development Joint Stock Company (DAEWON & THU DUC HOUSE). This can be said to be one of the most interested and notice high-end apartment projects in District 2 with a beautiful. Convenient location and high economic development potential. The building is locate in the most luxurious and modern office chain in District 2.

Office Space District 2 Cantavil Premier Building Location

At first, Cantavil Premier Building is locate in front of Xa Lo Ha Noi, An Phu Ward, District 2. This building has a convenient location, only about 3km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City and surrounded by major roads such as Mai Chi Tho Avenue, Hanoi Highway and Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway. This is a two-way route, easy to travel through District 3, District 4, Binh Thanh and has many modern buildings. This place gives businesses a great advantage in transportation, trade and finding potential partners.

Location Details:

Address at Hanoi Highway, District 2, locate at 3 frontages of one of the central streets of Hanoi Highway District 2. This place gives businesses a great advantage in transportation, trade and finding potential partners.

From this area, moving to neighboring districts is also simpler as you just need to follow Hanoi Highway to reach District 7, Binh Thanh District, District 9, … in a few minutes. In addition, around the Ccantavil building in District 2 are many busy economic and commercial centers such as Techcombank, HSBC bank, Vietinbank bank,… making transactions simpler and faster.

Cantavil Premier An Phu is one of the top choices for businesses wanting to set up headquarters or representative offices in the City area.

Cantavil Premier Tower Structure

Scale and structure of the building

Cantavil Premier An Phu Building District 2 has 36 floors, 3 basements, 1 ground floor of which:

  • 3 basement floors provide motorbike and car parking for employees and residents in the building.
  • Ground floor: Commercial center area.
  • Further, Floors 1 – 7: Professional office for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Furthermore, Floors 8 – 36: High-class service apartments.
  • At last, Cantavil Premier Building District 2 office rental building has 6 high-speed elevators.

The floor area at Cantavil Premier Building An Phu is 3,700m2, total floor area is 80,000m2, ceiling height is 2.7m.

Built with high-strength reinforce concrete, Cantavil Premier Building uses load-bearing wall and partition wall systems. The exterior walls are paint white and blue, creating a bright and pleasant space for the building.

This building features a system of main and secondary columns, arrange scientifically to expand the space for each office in HCM. The columns are designed in a rectangular shape, with variable sizes appropriate to their location and function.

Building architecture

  • At first, The building’s surface is reinforced concrete walls combine with temper glass windows that are durable and receive extremely good natural light.
  • Especially, The building has an ideal view overlooking the Saigon River and the new, airy urban area, without blocking the view.
  • In particular, Cantavil Premier Building District 2 was honor with the Vietnam Green Architecture Award 2021, organize by the Vietnam Association of Architects.
  • At last, The building provides a comfortable and luxurious living space with high-end furniture, import from famous brands such as Hafele, Kohler, Daikin, Samsung, LG. The harmonious arrangement of the interior creates a living space that is not only comfortable but also classy.

Grade B Cantavil Premier Building Office Utilities And Service


  • Firstly, Grade B Cantavil Premier Ho Chi Minh Building applies domestic wastewater treatment technology through a biological system. Helping to reduce pollution and reuse wastewater for purposes such as watering plants and washing cars.
  • Secondly, The system collects and treats household waste according to classification and recycling methods. Contributing to reducing the amount of waste and protecting resources.
  • Thirdly, The central ventilation and air conditioning system with a capacity of 5,000RT. Provide by Daikin, helps keep temperature and humidity stable, while filtering dust and bacteria, creating fresh and clean air.
  • Fourthly, Cantavil Premier An Phu Building in District 2 is equip with a smart control system, allowing residents to manage electricity, water, security, sound, and lighting equipment from their phones or tablets.
  • Also, The building is equip with 6 Mitsubishi high-speed elevators, each containing 20 people, with a speed of 4m/s, helping to move quickly and safely between floors.
  • Even, Using Philips energy-saving LED lighting system, has long life, good light and does not emit heat.
  • Further, Cantavil Premier Building has a modern fire prevention system, including automatic fire alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire doors, air exhaust, announcement speakers, ensuring safety for residents and property.
  • Furthermore, Cummins 2,000kVA backup power generation system ensures power supply for important equipment in the event of a power outage.
  • Lastly, The building has a safe and convenient escape system, with spacious escape routes, sturdy emergency stairs, clear instruction signs, and emergency lights. Ensuring residents can evacuate quickly and safely.

Office amenities and services

  • Firstly, The building has a professional and enthusiastic management team. Helping to resolve issues relate to lease contracts, payments, maintenance, warranties, and supporting the organization of community events and communication. saved for residents and office tenants.
  • Secondly, Security is guaranteed by a team of friendly and professional security staff, checking access cards to prevent intrusion, theft, harassment and ensuring building safety.
  • Thirdly, The lobby and reception at Cantavil Premier Building are relatively large, modern and sophisticate. Providing full amenities and services, with friendly and professional staff.
  • Fourthly, The hall of Cantavil Premier An Phu District 2 project can accommodate 200 people, fully equip, serving conferences, seminars, training, demonstrations, can be flexibly rent with reasonable prices and quality services. quantity.
  • Also, The parking lot is spacious and safe, including 3 basement floors and 1 outdoor floor, with a capacity of 1,000 motorbikes and 500 cars.
  • Even, Diverse commercial center with many shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, spas, gyms, cinemas such as Co.opmart, Lotte Cinema, Highlands Coffee, Pizza Hut, serving the needs of residents and office tenants.
  • Lastly, Professional cleaning services are perform periodically and thoroughly, maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the entire building.

Office Space Cantavil Premier Building Rental Cost

  • General Information
    • Building Name: Cantavil Premier Building
    • Address: Xa Lo Ha Noi, District 2, HCMC
    • Year Built: 2010
    • Structure: 37 floors, 3 basement
    • Elevators: 6
    • Direction: South East
    • Class/ Grade: B
    • Working Time: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Saturday
    • Floor to Ceiling (Height): 2.7m
  • Rental Cost
    • Area: 80, 100, 300, 500, 1000m2
    • Price: $19/sqm/month
    • Management Fee (Service fee): $5/sqm/month
    • VAT: 10%
    • Total Price: $19 – $24
    • Air Condition: Included
    • Over-time: Air conditioning costs from 0.048 – 0.084 USD/m2/hour
    • Electricity: 0.12 USD/kw
    • Water: Included
    • Motorbike Parking: $7.86/motor/month
    • Car Parking: $78.58/car/month
  • Conditions
    • Term: contract of 3 years
    • Deposite: 3 month
    • Payment: Monthly, Quarterly


Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo

Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

In conclusion, Cantavil Premier Building‘s rental price is extremely cheap compared to Grade B buildings in the same area of District 2, lower than some buildings such as The Central Thao Dien, Thao Dien Pearl, The Vista Building, An Phu Building. Therefore, offices for rent here are especially sought after by businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Detailed Information

  • Property ID: LO-39622
  • Price: $19/sqm/month
  • Management Fee: $5/sqm/month
  • Grade: Grade B
  • Min Area (Sqm): 80
  • Max Area (Sqm): 1000
  • Storey: 37
  • Basement: 3
  • Passenger Lift: 6

Property Address

  • Address: Xa Lo Ha Noi Street
  • City: Ho Chi Minh
  • State/county: Viet Nam
  • Zip/Postal Code: 700000
  • Neighborhood: Office For Lease In District 2
  • Country: Vietnam

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