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Newtecons Tower

Newtecons Tower - Phan Dang Luu, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Built by Newtecons – the contractor of iconic Vietnamese projects such as Masteri Thao Dien, the core of The Landmark 81… Office Space Newtecons Tower – 96 Phan Dang Luu continues to inherit the architecture and outstanding quality in Phu Quoc.

Introduction About Office Space Newtecons Tower

Another In Front of Newtecons Tower - lookoffice.vn
Another In Front of Newtecons Tower

At first, Office Space Newtecons Tower (Newtecons Office Building) is a class B+ high-end office building project designed and invested by Newtecons Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, a reputable and famous unit in the field of construction with diverse types of projects, from commercial center projects, luxury apartments to infrastructure projects, office buildings, and leading modern manufacturing factories in Vietnam.

In particular, Newtecons Office Building is located prominently on Phan Dang Luu Street. From a distance, the building looks like a majestic building block rising strongly in the heart of a bustling and vibrant urban area.

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Office Space Phu Nhuan District Newtecons Tower Location

Besides, Located Phan Dang Luu, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan. This is the backbone of the City because it connects Tan Binh district – Phu Nhuan – Binh Thanh – new Thu Duc city.

Eventually, This road is currently following the trend of shifting to trade, services, industry, and handicrafts. High-end types such as credit, finance, and office rental in Phu Nhuan are also growing strongly, contributing to increasing economic potential.

Therefore, the building’s location helps connect a series of famous companies, reaching A-class corporate customers. Thereby enhancing the position and professional image of your brand.

From the building, it only takes a few minutes to get to the central area:

  • Also, Tan Son Nhat Airport: 12 minutes by motorbike
  • Even, Phu Nhuan Crossroads: 5 minutes by motorbike
  • Further, Lang Cha Ca roundabout (Tan Binh): 8 minutes by motorbike
  • Furthermore, Saigon Bridge (heading to Thu Duc City): 14 minutes by motorbike

Importantly, Distance from Newtecons Tower building to surrounding area:

  • Firstly, 200m from Phan Xich Long – Phan Dang Luu intersection.
  • Secondly, 500m from Phu Nhuan intersection.
  • Thirdly, 3 minutes by car from Ba Chieu market.
  • Lastly, 10 minutes by car from Tan Son Nhat airport.

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Newtecons Building Structure

The building has 4 basements, 1 ground floor and 18 floors, of which the estimated usable area of the entire building is about 7,714m2 and the maximum area of each floor reaches 406m2.

Part of the area here is used by Newtecons as an official office, serving the entire board of directors and employees of the company. The remaining portion is offered for rent to potential customers in need in the Phu Nhuan and Tan Binh regional markets.

It can be seen that the architecture and design of Newtecons Tower extremely clearly shows the brand image and operational orientation of the investor. Every detail here is carefully selected and calculated to bring a good quality office product.

Most prominent is a solid safety cover formed from nearly 1,000 unitized pieces surrounding the entire building. The facade is arranged in Ziczac order and can withstand wind load of 1.8kPa and water pressure of 700Pa. Low-e glass system provides safety solutions, soundproofing, heat insulation… creating a perfect internal environment, despite the influence of harsh weather outside.

This is the leading technological solution that is popular in the world and is applied and operated by many office buildings.

Grade B Newtecons Tower Office Utilities And Service

Newtecons building has up to 4 spacious parking garages with the capacity to accommodate a large number of cars and motorbikes for the entire building. Generally, System of 5 high-speed elevators with capacity of 15-17 people per elevator, Frish ventilation fans in many locations. Safe automatic fire protection equipment and standard fireproof partitions…

The presence of Newtecons Tower has brought a new breeze to the Phu Nhuan district office market, especially the Grade B+ segment, which has been scarce for many years. In addition, under professional management from an enthusiastic management team, Newtecons Office Building absolutely deserves to become the top address that customers can trust and choose.


  • Firstly, Frisch fan system: Full metal case, high fire resistance. Therefore, it brings a cool, fresh space to the office building.
  • Secondly, Toilets: Using Kohler and Hangrohe brands, providing the most modern space.
  • Thirdly, Central doorbell system: Integrating many modern features Comelit (Italy)
  • Lastly, Backup power system grid: Automatically supply full load to the entire building in case of power outage

Under the construction of leading Vietnamese contractor Newtecons, businesses will not have to worry about all the outstanding amenities and services here.

Office Space Newtecons Tower Rental Cost

  • General Information
    • Building Name: Newtecons Tower
    • Address: Phan Dang Luu, Phu Nhuan, HCMC
    • Year Built: 2021
    • Structure: 18 floors – 4 basement
    • Elevator: 5 elevators
    • Class/ Grade: B
    • Working Time: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Saturday
    • Floor to Ceiling (Height): 2.7m
  • Rental Cost
    • Area: 200 – 400 – 800m2
    • Price: $16.7/sqm/month
    • Management Fee (Service fee): $6/sqm/month
    • VAT: 10%
    • Total Price: $25 – $29
    • Air Condition: Modern central air conditioning system
    • Over-time: 0.082 USD/m2/hour
    • Electricity: Generator meets 100% capacity
    • Water: Included in service fee
    • Motorbike Parking: 11.1 USD/motor/month
    • Car Parking: 111.2 USD/car/month
  • Conditions
    • Term: contract of 3 years
    • Payment: Monthly, Quarterly


Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo

Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

In conclusion, Office Space Newtecons Tower in Phu Nhuan District emerges as a pinnacle of contemporary office spaces, seamlessly merging cutting-edge design with functional excellence. The tower’s architectural brilliance and prime location define it as a premier destination for businesses seeking a dynamic and inspiring workspace.

Finally, with state-of-the-art amenities and a commitment to fostering innovation, Newtecons Tower goes beyond conventional office environments. Overall, it serves as a catalyst for professional success, offering a sophisticated setting that reflects the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Positioned at the forefront of Phu Nhuan District, it stands as a testament to the future of workspaces, where style, efficiency, and innovation converge seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Detailed Information

  • Property ID: LO-38615
  • Price: $17/sqm/month
  • Management Fee: $6/sqm/month
  • Grade: Grade B
  • Min Area (Sqm): 200
  • Max Area (Sqm): 800
  • Storey: 18
  • Basement: 4
  • Passenger Lift: 5
  • Year Built: 2021

Property Address

  • Address: Phan Dang Luu Street
  • City: Ho Chi Minh
  • State/county: Viet Nam
  • Neighborhood: Office For Lease In Phu Nhuan District
  • Country: Vietnam

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