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Workshop Coffee Saigon: For Similar Souls

Workshop Coffee Saigon: For Similar Souls

Workshop coffee Saigon is the beautiful and very special cafe model. It was created not only as a place to enjoy coffee but also as a place to meet, exchange and learn from people who share the same passion. With a cup of coffee or a cup of hot tea, good stories will begin.

The Open Space workshop coffee Saigon – Art, flowers and bakingThe Open Space workshop coffee Saigon - Art, flowers and baking

Similar to the name itself, The Open Space is one of the beautiful and typical cafe models with an open space architectural style. If you come here during the day, you will be sitting in the middle of a cool room with sunshine inside.

You can join small workshops, learn about baking or flower arrangement, and learn about coffee. In particular, when participating in workshops, you do not need to prepare any materials or tools, just pay a very affordable fee and come to immerse yourself in the fun atmosphere.

Fix Republic Coffee Shop – Antiques, music, and friends

Fix Republic Coffee Shop is located in a small alley on a quiet Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street. Although it is a beautiful model of a cafe in Saigon, it will make you feel a little “Hanoi” familiar from the space to the drinks of the shop.

If you are passionate about bicycles, antique cars, and film cameras, then Fix Republic Coffee Shop is a place worth visiting. The space here is small but it is still very attractive to visitors because of its unique layout. and very unique. You can take advantage of going on weekdays because the weekend is quite crowded.

Yesterday Piano workshop Coffee Saigon – Music and songs

Yesterday Piano workshop Coffee Saigon – Music and songs

If you are looking for a beautiful cafe model in Saigon to relax and listen to melodious music, then come to Yesterday Piano. The cozy space here will remind you of old memories and then comfort and comfort you with soothing sounds.

Every night from Tuesday to Sunday, at Yesterday Piano Coffee, there will be a piano recital program with once-resounding lyrical melodies of famous musicians such as Vu Thanh An, Ngo Thuy Mien, Trinh Cong Son, etc. Surely this enchanting beautiful cafe model will bring you back to old memories through each tune.

Monday Morning Cafe – Sharing the secret of making and enjoying coffee

Climbing all 7 floors of the old apartment building on Vo Van Kiet Street, you will find Monday Morning Cafe neatly nestled among other apartments. When entering the shop, everyone is barefoot, and feels like home. From the balcony of the restaurant, you can see the towering Bitexco tower and Vo Van Kiet Street full of trees.

Monday Morning is a beautiful cafe model for those who have fallen in love with coffee. This is a gathering place for many baristas. People will roast together, mixing with different styles: machine, V60, Chemex, Aero Press… from coffee in different regions of the world.

Noon Workshop – Interior decoration

Noon Workshop – Interior decoration

This is truly a beautiful cafe model for those who love the rusticity of ceramic and raw wood. Nestled in an old apartment building in District 1, Noon is a small attic always filled with fresh flowers and handmade fashion items.

The space in Noon is quite open because there are many trees on the balcony. When you come here, you can take home some pretty little decorations such as ceramic dishes, pillows, coats, bags, etc. Occasionally, Noon also organizes baking courses or acoustic parties… Because Noon wants to maintain the title of one of the beautiful cafe models, Noon also changes the layout of the shop continuously every month.

With only 5 names, these are all beautiful cafe models in Saigon that we find very interesting and have their own characteristics.

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