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Working Conditions and Labor Classification Standards

Working Conditions and Labor Classification Standards

Working conditions are one of the basic contents of a labor contract agreed upon between the employer and the employee parallel office rental thing based on the provisions of law.

What are the working conditions?

What are the working conditions?

Labor means the performance of certain jobs by an employee according to an agreement with the employer, paid a salary, and subject to the management, administration, and supervision of the employer.

What are the working conditions?

They are the total of natural, social, economic, and technical factors expressed by tools, means of work, objects of work, working environment, and technological processes in a single space. a certain time and the arrangement, arrangement, and interaction between those factors on the employees, creating a certain condition for the employees in the working process.

It includes: work to be done, working time, rest time, working location, conditions on occupational safety, occupational hygiene, social insurance, salary, bonus and allowances, and labor norms for employees.

These conditions are specified in different legal documents suitable for different types of workers, such as female employees, female employees, etc. minors, for elderly employees, disabled employees, employees with high professional and technical qualifications, and labor for some other types of labor…

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Law of working conditions

Law of working conditions - office rental

Labor relations are social relations arising in the employment, employment, and payment of wages between employees, employers, representative organizations of the parties, and competent state agencies. . Labor relations include individual labor relations and collective labor relations.

Accordingly, Article 3 of Circular 29/2021/TT-BLDTBXH stipulates the classification of labor according to working conditions as follows:

– Extremely heavy, hazardous, and dangerous occupations and jobs are occupations and jobs with it classified as V, VI.

– Heavy, hazardous occupations and jobs are occupations and jobs with it classified as IV.

– Non-arduous, non-hazardous, and non-dangerous occupations and jobs are occupations and jobs with it classified as Class I, II, and III.

The classification of employees according to working conditions must be based on the results of the assessment and determination of it according to the method specified in Circular 29/2021/TT-BLDTBXH.

In addition, Article 6 of Circular 29/2021/TT-BLDTBXH also stipulates methods and procedures for determining it, as follows:

– Determine the name of the profession, the job to be assessed, and determine the working conditions.

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