What To Do When There Are Dispute Over The Office Lease Contract

What To Do When There Are Dispute Over The Office Lease Contract

When there is a dispute about the office lease contract as the company’s headquarters, will the issues of invoices and business scope of the business be affected? What should businesses do when there is a dispute about the office lease contract?

Is the dispute over the lease contract of the company’s headquarters considered illegal?

Is the dispute over the lease contract of the company's headquarters considered illegal?
The enterprise must commit to the business office that the address of the head office belongs to the lawful use right of the enterprise, so when a dispute arises over the office lease contract, depending on the type of dispute, the enterprise’s activities are considered to be legal or illegal at the head office address. Specifically:
1. For the dispute caused by the lessor’s incompetence to lease the office. So of course, legally, the office lease contract signed by your company is also invalid, from which the legal right to use the address of the head office is not available. In this case, the enterprise must carry out procedures to change the head office of the company to another address if it does not want to be stopped by the tax authority from using invoices.
2. For a dispute over office rent, or the contents of the office lease contract and does not limit or terminate the right to use the enterprise, in this case, the operation of the company at the head office is still considered legal.
Note: In case you have just established a business, the arising of a dispute will cause the tax department to have the right to refuse to register the tax calculation method according to form 06-MST and refuse to allow its use of any printed invoice.

How to avoid disputes from office lease contract

How to avoid disputes from office lease contract
When an enterprise faces a dispute, the first thing, of course, is to negotiate and resolve the dispute to ensure its legitimate interests. Then, based on the need to use the head office, you can calculate the direction to change the headquarters or choose to keep the information by:
1. For companies that tend to do business activities with a large transaction speed with customers or commercial businesses with a large number of customers coming to conduct direct transactions, the building owner’s partial restriction on going to, On the contrary, using the facilities in the building causes loss of your business points in front of customers. Although this can be considered damage and has the right to claim for damages outside the contract, if it can be prevented, it will help the business more.
2. For businesses that rent an office solely to use as an office, you should settle the dispute to the end because it shows your understanding of the law and the stature of your business in your eyes. while helping businesses reduce unnecessary costs.

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