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Why choose an office for lease in District 4

Why choose an office for lease in District 4

District 4 is one of the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Owning a prime location right next to District 1, District 4 is an important trade hub of the city. The terrain is a three-sided peninsula adjacent to rivers and canals, located between the financial center of District 1 and the new urban area of South Saigon, easily connected to the centers of District 1, District 2, District 7 and District 5. Over the past few years, District 4 has become a highlight of an urban construction embellishment program in Ho Chi Minh City. Office for lease in District 4 are increasingly attracting the attention of domestic and foreign companies.

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1. Trade and Economic development orientation

Development orientations for expansion of administrative centers, scenes of planning and building trade and service centers, making the most of and expanding the position of gold along the Saigon river in District 1, with the strong development of Ho City Ho Chi Minh, District 4 has been attracting the attention of many people.

The expansion of the administrative and financial center of District 1, development and construction of high-class trade and service centers along the banks of the Saigon River, District 4 has become an important trade hub of both waterway and road. . According to the planned roadmap, many bridges have been built to serve the movement of residents here. Therefore, from District 4, it is easy to move to the central district such as District 1, District 2, District 5 or District 7 through large bridges.

The favorable transport development has broken the former isolation of the district, facilitating exchanges and development to go up with the city’s economy. As a result, in recent years, the proportion of commercial services in the economic structure of District 4 accounts for 70%. That why many companies find and choose office for lease in District 4

2. Convenient transportation infrastructure

Điều chỉnh quy hoạch Quận 4 | An Phú Long

With a convenient location and a land connecting the central districts of the city with the South Saigon urban area, this area has many development opportunities recently.

The bridges were continuously formed such as Khanh Hoi, Ong Lanh, Calmette, Nguyen Van Cu, … connecting District 4 with the central district and the southern districts of the city. This creates a favorable trade, helping the development in general and urban appearance in particular of District 4 has many flourishes, creating a strong push, turning the isle into a “golden triangle”. thoughtful and full of desire right in the heart of Saigon.

District 4 is being planned by the city as an expansion center, with many important real estate projects from the conversion of land use of some old ports. The most outstanding feature of District 4 is not to mention Ben Van Don – after being expanded and renovated, this road has become a “counterbalance” road of District 4 with Vo Van Kiet Boulevard. District 4 with a beautiful view of the city center and adjacent location of District 1, District 5.

Transportation projects implemented by Ho Chi Minh City will increase the connection between District 4 and neighboring districts, 2 bridges connecting District 4 with District 1 (Tran Dinh Xu bridge) and connecting District 4 with District 7 (Nguyen Khoai Bridge).

Regarding the North – South trunk road construction project (section from Ong Lanh bridge to Kenh Te bridge) and Ton Dan – Thu Thiem 3: 1 overpass on Ton Dan street, 1 branch to the right, 2 lanes from the bridge Thu Thiem 3 joins the riverside road connecting to Nguyen Tat Thanh street, a branch of the bridge from Nguyen Tat Thanh street to the riverside road connecting to Thu Thiem bridge 3. The remaining section on Ton Dan Street builds an elevated road throughout the route and connected to the overhead road of the North-South trunk road project …

Especially, with this plan, Nguyen Tat Thanh street – the backbone connecting District 1 with District 7 through District 4 is planned to expand with a width of 37 – 46m. When Nguyen Tat Thanh route is invested and expanded, according to the assessment, this will be the most beautiful riverside route in Ho Chi Minh City; Help connect the city center with the southern districts and the southwest provinces.

In addition, the District is expanding the Ton That Thuyet street and green park on the banks of Te canal, in combination with clearance of houses along the canals. In the near future, when Nguyen Tat Thanh and Ton That Thuyet streets become the key arteries, many major projects will move here, making District 4 a potential area for rapid development.

Connecting traffic between District 4 with areas in the city and vice versa: Connecting District 4 with the southern area by two branches connected to Ton That Thuyet street. Connecting District 4 with the Northeast region by 2 branches connecting to the road along the Saigon River. Connect District 4 with the Northwest region by connecting branch of Ben Van Don Street or Hoang Dieu Street.

3. Urban refurbishment

In parallel with planning the infrastructure for development, District 4 also implements urban embellishment to bring a more spacious and clean face.

District 4 has been implementing the program of Urban embellishment, traffic development, flood reduction. In particular, there are projects to develop transport infrastructure such as building new road No. 1, building new road D3; constructing new Vinh Hoi street (extended) …

Besides investing in infrastructure, District 4 is also accelerating the process of renovating old apartments and compensating, supporting and resettling people living along the canals.

Conclusion: Why choose an office for lease in District 4

  • District 4 is adjacent to District 1 – the economic center of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Currently, District 4 is economically invested in industrializing and modernizing completely.
  • The traffic system to get around the surrounding districts is being expanded.
  • District 4 infrastructure is being focused on investment and development.

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