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Weekly Trade Opportunities (05-11/07/2021)

Weekly Trade Opportunities (05-11/07/2021)

Here are some of the Trade Opportunities collected over last week (05-11/07/2021)

1. Trade Opportunities: Japanese pharmaceutical company needs to find distribution agent in Vietnam

Japanese pharmaceutical company needs to find distribution agent in Vietnam

The Japanese company needs to find an agent to distribute medicines made from herbs.

Any businesses that are interested should contact customers directly for transactions. (Japanese or English language)

Company name: JPS Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Mr. Takahiro Chiba
Email: t-chiba@jps-pharm.com

ジェーピーエス製薬株式会社/JPS Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
千葉 貴博/Takahiro Chiba
224-0023 4-42-22

Souce: Vietnam Trade Office in Japan

2. Trade Opportunities: South African businesses want to find partners to process equipment, technical tools, and measurement

Established in 1964, MITCO Tooling Company initially established a drill bit factory with a capacity of 6,000 drill bits/day. Up to now, MITCO has achieved an output of over 80,000 drill bits/day.
Besides, the company also expands product diversification to more than 40 countries around the world. In addition to self-manufacturing, MITCO also develops the import of products from outside to serve customers’ needs. MITCO’s products are mainly technical and measurement equipment and tools such as hacksaws, screwdrivers, water rulers, rolled steel rulers, rulers of all kinds, pruning knives… prestige including Ross, Mitco, Afile…

Currently, with the increasing demand for construction and infrastructure renovation in South Africa and other countries in the region, MITCO Company has a need to find partners to process, manufacture and supply water and steel rulers. rolls and tools, measuring and technical tools (details of products to find a supplier are attached to).

Interested Vietnamese businesses can directly contact:

Mr. Eric Klein, Managing Director, MITCO (Pty) Ltd.
Address: 12 Theuns Mulder Street, Industrial sites, Brits
P.O Box 1067, Brits 0250, South Africa

Phone: +27 (12) 250 2381
Fax: +27 (12) 250 2706
Email: eric@mitco.co.za

Source: Vietnam Trade Office in South Africa

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