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Walking Street Saigon: Popular Walking Streets

Walking Street Saigon: Popular Walking Streets

According to the plan, in mid-August, Bui Vien walking street will be officially put into operation. Thus, up to now, the number of pedestrian streets in Ho Chi Minh City – a city of more than 10 million people is somewhere around 5 streets. Which, 2 streets Nguyen Hue and Bui Vien are located in District 1 and the rest are in Phu My Hung (District 7). Interestingly, Phu My Hung is also the place where the first pedestrian street of Ho Chi Minh City appeared.

Walking street 15 years ago in HCMC

Walking street 15 years ago in HCMC

This first pedestrian street is Ton Dat Tien Street, the section passing through the Kenh Dao area of Phu My Hung urban area. From 5 pm every day, all vehicles are prohibited from entering Ton Dat Tien Street, only pedestrians.

Ton Dat Tien Street is 40m wide and 1,500m long, connecting the Kenh Dao area and The Crescent (Crescent Lake). The section passing through Kenh Dao Area has a canal landscape park in the middle, along the street are apartment buildings with unique architecture designed by architects from Japan, Singapore, and Shanghai such as The Panorama, Garden Court, Garden Plaza… The ground-floor and 2nd-floor architecture of these apartments are shops, commercial stores, shopping, beauty, spa… bustling Starbucks, Highlands, Gongcha, Citimart, Golden Lotus Healing Spa Land…

Particularly, The Crescent pedestrian street has the natural advantage of the Crescent Lake curve – designed according to the concept of Singapore Bay.

In 2010, Phu My Hung inaugurated Anh Sao Bridge – the first pedestrian bridge across the river in Vietnam, “honored” as an outstanding achievement for road and bridge works awarded by the International Bridge and Road Conference (IBC). Medal of Arthur G. Hayden, making The Crescent a famous landmark of the whole HCMC. The investment cost for Anh Sao Bridge is more than 50 billion VND.

In 2013, Anh Sao Bridge, Lake Crescent, and Crescent Mall were on the list of “100 interesting things of Ho Chi Minh City” voted by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City. Up to now, Ton Dat Tien pedestrian street has become one of the favorite destinations of city people and tourists on “city tours”.

2 unique walking streets appeared for the first time

2 unique walking streets appeared for the first time

According to the plan, in 2019, the people of the city will have one more unique walking street space – the first Sakura Park cherry blossom park in Vietnam in the Phu My Hung Midtown Complex. In 2018 alone, the pedestrian street right in the Scenic Valley neighborhood will also be completed.

With the idea of recreating the brilliant cherry blossom seasons of Japan, the architects chose Sakura Singapore to include in Sakura Park.

The pedestrian street of Sakura Park is 600m long, including 2 pedestrian paths, the riverside walking path, and the cherry blossom road. The flowers bloom in two seasons of the year, and when the flowers are in full bloom, this place will definitely attract a lot of visitors to enjoy, similar to the Hanami festival seasons in Japan.

Meanwhile, with a length of more than 300m, the Scecnic Valley pedestrian street has a “cozy, more private” space, which is the first pedestrian street right in the neighborhood of a real estate project connecting the Scenic Valley area. 1 and 2. Scenic Valley Pedestrian Street is divided into 2 sections. The section adjacent to the river, across Scenic Valley 1 is open green space, gardens, and promenades suitable for “static activities”, while the section through Scenic Valley 2 are street corners with shops. bustling shopping.

The difference between planning brings benefits to the community

While many pedestrian streets are developed based on renovation and conversion of functions from existing spaces, pedestrian streets in Phu My Hung benefit from planning from the very beginning.

Therefore, the difference between the walking street in Phu My Hung compared to other pedestrian streets is the synchronism in architecture, harmony with trees, water surface, natural landscape, and methodical and reasonable planning. Manage areas for business and shopping so that people can fully enjoy the relaxing and convenient space when coming here. Safety work in public areas and pedestrian streets is also tightened by Phu My Hung, with many layers.

This explains why an increasing number of people “pour” to Phu My Hung, especially well-to-do families or office workers, tend to choose this place as a place for family fun and relaxation.

Accordingly, in addition to 30,000 local residents of the city, the demand for food, entertainment, entertainment, and utilities from visitors is also very large. It is forecast that this demand will not stop when in 2019, a series of office buildings and hotels with investment capital of tens of millions of USD in Phu My Hung come into operation.

A representative of Phu My Hung said that predicting the population growth rate plus the number of visitors to urban areas is one of the factors to complete the appearance of a modern and advanced service city. Therefore, from the landscape, environment, or right to the parking space for visitors as well as the mode of operation for shops and businesses here have also been planned, creating synchronization and urban beauty. and ensuring the safety of the people.

The difference between planning brings benefits to the community

In the structure of real estate products (real estate) Phu My Hung, shops and commercial townhouses account for 5% with the aim of ensuring a full range of services and utilities for people in urban areas as well as urban areas. passing guests.

When giving the idea of Sakura Park, the investor also calculated that Phu My Hung Midtown must also have a store and must select buyers with strict requirements for different types of businesses and services to meet the needs of customers. meet the diverse needs of consumption, shopping, and living on-site of residents, and at the same time ensure the balance of supply-demand from the source of current visitors when coming to enjoy entertainment at Sakura Park.

Therefore, the occupancy rate of stores in Phu My Hung is always high with a wide variety of products and services and there is almost no shortage of domestic or international brands of cuisine, convenience stores. , mini supermarket… Even though many brands have appeared in Phu My Hung for a long time, the chain of stores is dense but still tends to increase and expand more such as Citimart, Circle K, Tous Le Jours… Or like Highlands coffee has “quickly decided” 2 beautiful locations of Ton Dat Tien pedestrian street, one right at Kenh Dao gateway and one right on Ho Crescent street.

This also contributes to creating “underground waves” of real estate shops, and townhouses both living and doing business in Phu My Hung. The price is higher than normal real estate products, but the potential and profitability is the reason why investors and people with idle money are very fond of shop real estate, and commercial townhouses.

It is known that Phu My Hung is currently launching a number of stores in the pedestrian streets of The Panorama and Phu My Hung Midtown neighborhoods. Before opening the store for sale, Phu My Hung will conduct a screening of units and services to ensure a variety of utilities and commercial competitiveness for store owners. Therefore, not everyone has the opportunity to buy store products.

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