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Visa to Vietnam: How to Apply

Visa to Vietnam: How to Apply

Except for citizens of countries that are exempt from visas as prescribed, all citizens of other countries when coming to Vietnam must apply for an entry visa to Vietnam. This is a mandatory regulation, if you do not have a visa, you will not be cleared into Vietnam.

Ways to Apply for a Visa to Vietnam

Ways to Apply for a Visa to Vietnam

Foreigners or overseas Vietnamese who no longer hold Vietnamese nationality when they want to enter Vietnam for tourism, work, or work are required to apply for a Vietnam visa. Currently, there are 2 ways for you to get a Vietnam visa:

Step 1: Apply for a Vietnam visa at a Vietnamese diplomatic mission in the host country (Vietnam Embassy/Consulate). Here, you will be directly stamped visa.

To apply in the host country, you first need to prepare all the documents as instructed below and submit your application at the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate in the host country for approval:

  • Passport valid for at least 06 months, not torn or blurred information;
  • The Vietnam visa application form has been filled in with all information;
  • Photocopies of documents proving the purpose of applying for a visa to enter Vietnam;
  • Pay visa fees at Vietnamese consular offices abroad according to regulations.

If done this way, foreigners can apply for a Vietnam visa on their own in the host country or in countries with a Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate. When applying for a visa in this way, you need to have experience and knowledge of Vietnamese law, and at the same time understand the regulations on necessary documents, records, and procedures to work with the Vietnamese Consulate in Vietnam. host country. With this method, foreigners face many difficulties, even being unable to successfully apply for a visa, greatly affecting their trip plans.

Ways to Apply for a Visa to Vietnam

Step 2: Prepare documents to apply for entry officially and submit them to the Vietnam Immigration Department. If approved, you will proceed with visa stamping at Vietnam’s international airport or visa stamping at the Vietnamese diplomatic mission in the host country.

  • If you apply this way of applying for a Vietnam visa, you should prepare fully and correctly the following documents: Passport with at least 6 months validity. Ask for a passport that is not crumpled or has faded numbers;

Apply for an entry letter at the Vietnam Immigration Department. The entry letter must be approved allowing you to enter Vietnam and receive a visa at an international airport or receive a visa at a Vietnamese diplomatic mission in the host country. Normally, an entry letter is issued by the Immigration Department to an individual or organization. In case of visa exemption, you do not need to apply for an entry letter;

Once you have been issued an entry letter if a foreigner registers to receive a visa at Vietnam’s international airport, you need to present your passport, a photocopy of the A4 size entry letter, and fill in the declaration form as follows: the form of the immigration officer at the airport and pay the prescribed fee.

If you choose to apply for a Vietnam visa in this second way, foreigners do not need to care about the legal procedures of Vietnam. Instead, you just need to contact a reputable visa service company to authorize effective visa support. Vietnam Booking is such a company. Leading in the field of Vietnam visas, Vietnam Booking is committed to helping you complete your visa application as quickly as possible, even in an emergency. If you have difficulties, please call the hotline: 1900 3498 for specific advice and support.

Procedures to Apply for a Visa to Vietnam at the Immigration Department

Procedures to Apply for a Visa to Vietnam at the Immigration Department

Foreigners, after successfully applying for an entry letter, can enter Vietnam at one of the international border gates such as air, land, or sea border gates. In particular, entry into Vietnam through the air border gate is the most popular. And before completing the Vietnam visa stamping process at Vietnam’s international airport border gates, foreigners need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Prepare documents to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam.

At the step of applying for an entry visa, foreigners only need to provide basic relative information such as full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, or a color scan of the information sides of the passport along with the intended date of entry, and register where to receive Vietnam visa.

If you ask an individual or a service company to apply for an entry letter, you will be supported in preparing your application and submitting your application for an official letter at the Vietnam Immigration Department. When the official letter is approved, the service company will notify the foreigner and send the approved entry letter to the foreigner via email. Next, the foreigner prints the file of approval of the entry official and continues to step 2.

Step 2: Enter Vietnam and apply for stamping at Vietnam’s international border gates as previously registered.

Upon receiving the entry letter, the foreigner prepares a dossier including the original passport, the entry document to Vietnam (printed), and 02 photos of the 4*6 card, and fills in the application form for a visa. Vietnamese food (NA1) at international border gates. If you have all these documents, you submit the application to the receiving officer at the border gate, then proceed to pay the fee and paste the entry visa to Vietnam.

Notes to Know When Applying for an Entry Visa to Vietnam

Notes to Know When Applying for an Entry Visa to Vietnam

In order to successfully apply for a visa to enter, in addition to thoroughly understanding the basic legal procedures, foreigners must also understand some necessary notes to avoid making unfortunate mistakes. Those notes include:

Passports for visa applications of foreigners must be valid for more than 6 months and have at least 2 blank pages for this stamping.

Once you have received the approved entry letter and Vietnam visa, you need to carefully check the information printed on these documents. If you find an error, you need to quickly notify the competent agency of the Immigration Department for amendment and settlement.

It is necessary to check and go to the exact place to receive the visa stated on the entry letter. For example, if the place to receive an entry visa is at Vietnam international airport (Tan Son Nhat airport), you cannot enter Vietnam by land or sea border gate.

Notes to Know When Applying for an Entry Visa to Vietnam

An official Vietnam visa is valid from the time you plan to enter Vietnam. This time is recorded on the application form for the Vietnam visa according to the NA1 form that you filled out earlier.

Foreigners are allowed to enter and stay in Vietnam from the effective date of the visa to the date expires. If you want to continue to stay in Vietnam when your visa is about to expire, you need to extend your visa in accordance with the previous entry purpose. Or if you change your purpose of stay other than the previous one, you need to go through the procedures to change the purpose of your visa according to regulations.

Immigration officers have the right not to issue a visa or to request additional documents without explaining the reason to the Vietnam visa applicant. In this case, you should comply with the request of the competent officer.

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