Vietnam Investment regulations – INVESTMENT GUARANTEES

Vietnam Investment regulations – INVESTMENT GUARANTEES

Assurance of property ownership

The investors’ legal assets are not nationalized or confiscated by administrative measures. Where the State acquires or requisitions property for defense and security reasons, for the national interests, in a state of emergency or natural disaster, the investor shall be paid and compensated according to the provisions of law. on expropriation purchase. requisition of property and other relevant law provisions.

Business investment guarantee

The State must not force an investor to fulfill the following requirements:

– To prioritize the purchase and use of domestic goods and services or purchase of goods and services from domestic goods manufacturers or service providers;

– Reach a certain percentage of exported goods or services; restrictions on the quantity, value, or type of goods or services exported, domestically produced or provided;

– Importing goods with a quantity or value corresponding to the quantity or value of exported goods or balancing foreign currencies with the source of export revenue to meet import demands;

– Achieve a certain localization rate for domestically produced goods;

– Reach a certain level or value in domestic research and development;

– Providing goods or services at a specific location in the country or abroad;

– The head office is located at a location requested by a competent state agency.

Based on the socio-economic development orientation, the foreign exchange management policy, and the ability to balance foreign currencies in each period, the Prime Minister shall decide to ensure the foreign currency demand of investment projects. The National Assembly and the Prime Minister decide the investment policy. Minister and other important infrastructure development investment projects.

Guaranteed to transfer assets of foreign investors abroad

After fulfilling their financial obligations toward the Vietnamese State in accordance with the law, foreign investors may transfer abroad the following assets: Investment capital and investment liquidation money; Income from business investment activities; Money and other property under his or their legal ownership.

Source: ITPC

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