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Trend of finding office space after Covid-19

Trend of finding office space after Covid-19

After the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be reshaped from new trends in finding office space for lease. The Covid-19 pandemic was an opportunity for more flexible working spaces as well as non-downtown regional office space for lease. Tenants will gradually realize the importance of flexible leasing terms in the face of unexpected changes, when they are forced to narrow or close their leased premises without incurring significant investment costs.

The newly completed office buildings and located not too far from the central area are having many advantages. Because, due to the increase in price of office space in the downtown area in recent years, businesses are tending to move offices to non-CBD areas to have more choices and Pay out expenses is cheaper.

1. Traditional Office Space:

white office interior - Thailand-Property

Covid-19 disrupted the business and affected the global economy, Many businesses have had to cut company personnel,  small businesses may have to narrow office space to reduce operating costs and administrative costs, office space for lease less than 100 – 150 m2 may be found tendency of many SME companies after the epidemic.

Tenants of large office space will also find that the concentration of manpower in a single office can hinder company operations if in a situation of evacuation out of the office. Large enterprises may start to think about allocating manpower to offices in different areas of the city, office space for lease of 200 – 500 m2 instead of renting large office space for lease from over 1,000 m2 may be the tendency of many large companies to seek after the epidemic.

Companies with few employees (such as consulting, services, etc.) that have abundant resources, not much affected by covid-19 or rapid recovery from the epidemic, after the epidemic broke out, it was found that sitting in an open environment and having a large space, basically, the m2 per capita ratio increased, instead of sitting at 3-4 people / m2, currently Sitting 7-10 people / m2 is important.

2. Green Office Building:


Tenants have begun to care more about the health of their employees by choosing office space in high quality buildings instead of just being concerned about cost savings like before.

They will start with the building’s green, clean, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly elements. The green buildings (LEED-certified) converge all the elements of the environment, open space to ensure air and light to work, saving energy will be more focused in the future.

LEED-certified Office buildings in District 1 list:

LEED-certified Office buildings in Other Districts list:

3. Co-working Space:

Coworking Space in Tangerang | GoWork Green Office Park | GoWork ...

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the office market could be reshaped from new trends. Tenants may appreciate more flexible working methods, such as renting co-working spaces – shared office space or serviced office. Co-working space or serviced office with short lease term will be more searched. Demand from small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, is the driving force for the development of coworking space.

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