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Top 10 Standard Meeting Room Setups

Top 10 Standard Meeting Room Setups

Meeting in business is a form of communication, discussion, debate, and decision-making among a group of people. Each meeting room in an office rental has participants of different ranks, and the appropriate seating arrangement for each audience is a way to show the management level of the company.

U-shaped meeting room in the office rental

U-shaped meeting room in the office rental

Most of the places for renting conference rooms are usually arranged in a U-shape. This form is suitable for meetings with a small number of people, ranging from 25-30 people, of which there is mainly a speaker. , the rest of the other members responded.

The advantage of a U-shaped setup is to create an effective centralized workspace, ensuring interoperability between people, and a beautiful and comfortable line of sight. At the position of the speaker looking down, the direction is open and direct, making it easy to communicate through the eyes.

V-shaped style

Venues that rent out meeting rooms with a V-style arrangement are often the place to rent rooms to organize seminars, training events, and exchange lectures. The size of this room is usually small and highly concentrated. Usually, the moderator will sit facing the projector, the members in charge of speaking will stand next to the projection screen, and the rest will look directly at the screen.

The plus point of this setup is that even the person sitting farthest from each row can see the speaker, observing what’s going on without being out of sight.

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Hollow style

This is an empty meeting room arrangement in the middle, where the rental provider will arrange a long square table and chair in a room with a large rectangular block. A special feature of this arrangement is that the middle of the room is left empty, often placed in it are pots and vases of fresh flowers to balance the space.

It is this layout of the meeting room that helps to close the gap between the ranks, without a pre-assigned presenter, instead, everyone can speak in a more natural, comfortable way. Hollow room is the right choice for companies that need to meet to discuss ideas and come up with solutions together.

Theater-style meeting room

Theater-style meeting room

A meeting room for rent with Theater style is one of the most popular types of rooms today, serving the needs of companies to organize seminars, which are mainly corporate meetings. This type of arrangement has no tables, participants are like spectators, only participating in the audiovisual program and performances, not taking notes or eating.

Conference Room

For places that rent meeting rooms by the hour or rent cheap conference rooms, the conference room type is always the best-seller. This is the type of room that specializes in organizing high-level meetings: shareholder meetings, board of directors… Suitable for a scale of 15 or more people, because when divided into 2 rows of tables, it will be convenient to observe, exchange, and Quality assurance of meetings. The feature of this room is that there is a large table placed in the center of the meeting room. The color tones of the interior and rooms are warm and luxurious, increasing the solemnity of the meeting.

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Round Table style

The round table shape is used a lot in meeting rooms where there is a spirit of collaboration, team-building meetings, and planning to promote common goal activities. Just a round table with transparent glass, no need for color, sophisticated patterns, combined with comfortable chairs that can be easily folded or carried away.

It is the simplicity and compactness that makes meetings more comfortable and convenient than ever. At the same time, the round table model brings a sense of gathering, removing the hierarchical divide, adding openness, and making many positive contributions.

Oval table-style meeting room in the office rental

Oval table-style meeting room in the office rental

If you want to reduce stress in a meeting, at the same time increase connection, and stimulate creative thinking in the meeting, the Oval meeting room type is an extremely suitable choice. Places with rooms for rent can take advantage of the design of the meeting room with the oval table shape, which is simple but not monotonous. Especially suitable for seminars or small group meetings to increase interaction and mutual understanding.


If the party chooses to rent a meeting room with a modern, elegant, and luxurious style for the meeting, then a Cocktail is a perfect choice for the conference room setup. With high tables, and a small cross-section, 38-76 cm in diameter, there are no seats for participants to put wine glasses on the table or raise glasses to exchange. This type of room will create a good interaction for everyone, a happy exchange.

Classroom style room

This is the type that is suitable for a long meeting or event, of course, you will need to use documents, machines, paper, and a pen to take notes. The layout of the meeting room in this style is a row of tables placed neatly and parallel to each other, divided into straight aisles. The dignitaries or seniors will usually sit in the front row, with space for everyone to observe and take notes. However, this type of arrangement limits the ability to interact, if not skillfully set up, participants can only see each other’s backs.

Workshop style room

Forget the restraints and solemnity of the previous meeting room types, coming to the Workshop room type is the freshness and dynamism. Workshop-style room is like a normal and simple group meeting to bring members closer together. The layout in the room will be divided into several groups, each group of 6 to 10 people sitting together, with one person taking the key role in directing the meeting, bringing topics to discuss freely. The workshop model is loved and preferred by many young people as a place for club activities and professional sharing forums.

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