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The Role of The Office Management Unit for Lease

The Role of The Office Management Unit for Lease

The role of office management unit with each office, whether large or small, also has an office management unit, learn more through the article below.

Office management unit role

Office management unit role

People can easily understand, the business that manages the office building is the business, the organization bears the main consequences in all work that takes place in the office building, including the commitment to security and order. self, committed to cleaning service quality, people management, management, and customer care, and supervision of the work of the building.

In addition, the management enterprise also needs to best manage the operation of the rental building, implement the maintenance and repair activities of the building, and prevent any breakdown of the technical systems in the building at the same time. internal and external… in the building. These works will ensure that the building always operates stably, safely, and professionally.

In addition, management enterprises are also those who provide office services and receive and serve the wishes of customers as well as of all personnel working in the building.

Management company work

Tasks of the company management office personnel management

The building management department consists of many different employees who undertake different activities to optimally serve the needs of office tenants. The management of people is the responsibility of the management department, this is the organization that will supervise all personnel such as receptionists, operating staff, security guards, cleaning staff, etc. to ensure the completion of all work. work and meet established standards.

Financial management

The business that operates the office building will work directly with the tenants who may be responsible for handling financial issues and office rental costs. Therefore, the management company must have a working process and must be transparent in financial management, this is a factor that can create professionalism for the management unit and create a trust for tenants.

Customer care

This is the department that will do the work directly with the users who are responsible for receiving, resolving, and resolving all questions and concerns, such as the needs of office tenants in a delicate way. Bringing satisfaction to consumers is a prerequisite role to help increase the trust of management businesses.

Operation & Maintenance of technical systems

The role of the office management unit of a building or installation of many systems such as lighting apparatus, ventilation system, electrical apparatus, water system, fire protection system, etc. These systems all need to be operated. the periodic operation, inspection, and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of the apparatus.

Specific tasks of the building office management board

Specific tasks of the building office management board

To better understand the functions and obligations of the building management to customers as well as the law, 5office will detail each specific job of the building management as follows:

Brand representation: The building management board will be the expression for the building when signing contracts for users as well as for services operating in the building. This is similar to the fact that the building management will be the main responsible organization for office tenants as well as the law if problems arise.
Financial responsibility: Since it is the organization that directly signs the contracts, as well as sets the rental rates for the office blocks, the building management is the unit that has to bear the consequences of collecting the rent. Renting an office is the same as paying the related service fees so that the whole building can function properly.

Note when determining the office building management business

Following the general growth trend, companies that add building management services appear more and more. This job opens up opportunities for investors when adding more determination as well as reducing the cost of hiring services. However, the appearance of more and more such businesses is also a difficult problem. Does quantity go hand in hand with quality?

The role of office management unit statistics shows that over 20 units add building management services in Hanoi city, only more than 50% of them, that is, about 10 units supplement services with high quality. standard. Many investors have a headache because of their mistakes. As a result, money is lost, while losing money and reducing consumer confidence.

Therefore, consumers, when determining an office building management business, need to choose units that are reliable enough, have a good name in the market, and have years of experience in building management to have can achieve the desired effect.

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