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The Role Of Internal Marketing For Businesses

The Role Of Internal Marketing For Businesses

Internal marketing is a very familiar concept to organizations and businesses around the world, especially those operating in the service sector.

Internal marketing concept

Internal marketing concept
Internal marketing is essentially a marketing manager developing a long-term marketing campaign towards the internal market in the enterprise, this campaign is similar and consistent with the marketing program targeting the external market, including the company’s customers and competitors.

Internal Marketing (IM)) was first defined by Berry et. al. in 1976. He realized that the actions of the shipper could affect the customer’s perception of the product. The work of the employees can therefore also be considered the product of the enterprise. Berry approached internal marketing like regular marketing and he built it around the 4Ps. Berry’s goal is to use internal communication channels and promote employees so that they feel satisfied and motivated to work. Employee satisfaction can lead to customer satisfaction, which in turn builds business loyalty. Berry asserts that IM is a process of attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining quality employees by satisfying their needs.

The role of internal marketing

Building culture and reinforcing values ​​of organizations and businesses

The most important purpose of internal marketing is to create a separate internal culture for each organization or business. Each member of an organization or business is a miniature image of that organization or business. Therefore, members of the enterprise must join hands and be aware of their importance in contributing to building and reinforcing corporate cultural values. Using the “power of culture” will bring long-term effects and save a lot of costs when building a business image.

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Create a seamless flow of information and internal marketing

Create a seamless flow of information and internal marketing

Internal marketers are the focal point of information for each business or organization. The daily volume of information of organizations and businesses is a lot, so internal marketing will help connect leaders and employees, so that information can be transmitted to many audiences. The information will help leaders get an overview of the operation of the business, and capture the thoughts and sharing of employees. And lower-level employees have the opportunity to listen, answer questions and feel their own worth, and their efforts are recognized, helping to promote the development of positive values and reduce negative ones. personal.

Retain talent

Every business and organization always wants to find excellent human resources, in order to bring the best results for their company and business. However, after a long time working, the fact that good employees “jump” and find other potential working environments has become a concern of many leaders. To overcome that “loss” situation, managers should understand the art of “retaining” the necessary good employees. Therefore, the friendly and close working environment among individuals becomes a plus point for employees to decide to stick with the company instead of joining another unit. Paying attention to building a corporate culture also shows that the business really values ​​its employees.

Strengthen customer service

A well-known concept of internal marketing, especially with service businesses, is that “Each customer not only experiences the company’s products/services based on material values, but also in the people themselves. deliver that product/service”. Every employee of the company – when interacting with customers – will increase or decrease the value of the product/service provided.

Therefore, if the company does a good job of communicating product values ​​and corporate culture to each employee, that employee himself will become a marketer who helps communicate the business in the most authentic way. Apple is a global example of the “marketer” concept. Apple’s corporate culture is about originality and expertise. They constantly promote this culture, right through the initial selection and training stages. Apple takes great care to ensure that every employee – especially those who work directly with customers – accurately represents the image of the business. Every customer who visits an Apple Store knows that the salespeople are experts in their products and always have good feedback about the company.

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